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Protesters in Tehran demand Supreme leader's resignation over shooting down of Ukrainian passenger jet, Image via Business Insider.
Protesters in Iran demand Khamenei's resignation for shooting down plane

A crowd of protesters in Iran's capital city Tehran are demanding the resignation of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei from his position at the head of the Iranian nation, after the government admitted it shot down a Ukrainian jetliner by mistake during a high alert, killing all 176 people on board. Many have also questioned why Iranian airspace had been kept open if the military expected an assault.

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Sun Jan 12 - AlJazeera
The increase in bushfires can be attributed to climate change, image via Getty Images
Australia's bushfires have released unprecedented amount of carbon dioxide

Australia is currently experiencing a large number of bushfires all over the country and according to meteorologists, the fires have released 400 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is larger than the combined carbon emissions of the 116 lowest emitting countries. The fires are currently showing no sign of stopping.

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Sun Jan 12 - TechnologyReview
Scottish independence movement to picks up steam ahead of Brexit. Image via Daily Record.
Scottish independence movement supporters to stage mass protests ahead of Brexit

Scottish independence organization All Under One Banner has announced plans to bring the Scottish independence movement to the forefront of UK politics this year, with the final deadline for Brexit looming over the country. The group, which rejects any political affiliations, has announced the first of eight mass protests throughout Scotland.

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Sat Jan 11 - TheGuardian
17-year-old high school dropout recently sold a pair of sneakers for a whopping amount of $78,000, Image via Simon Jacobs
17-year-old school dropout selling sneakers for $78,000

Joe Franklin, a 17-year-old high school dropout recently sold a pair of sneakers for a whopping amount of $78,000. Joe is currently making $25,000 in an average week by buying and selling his exclusive collection shoes. The London-based teenager started his business at the age of 12 by using $400 Birthday savings to buy a pair of rare trainers. Joe sold Back to the Future Nike Air Mags for $78,000

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Thu Jan 09 - CNBC
Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle split with royal family, will seek financial independence. Image via Headtopics.
Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle split with the royal family

Royal couple Prince Harry and his wife, the former American TV show actress Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have announced that they will be withdrawing from their prominent roles in the British royal family, and instead seek to become financially independent while preferring to spend more time in the United States. The decision comes as a shock to both the royal family and British media.

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Thu Jan 09 - TheGuardian
New Royal Mail stamp set commemorates the cultural significance of UK video games. Image via Eurogamer.
Royal Mail releases new stamp set celebrating British video games

For its new set of postage stamps, Royal Mail announced that it would be commemorating the development and importance of UK video games, citing them as an important part of the country's cultural footprint in the world. The stamps will feature designs from classic British video games from the 1980s and 90s such as space simulator Elite, the iconic action adventure Tomb Raider, and Worms.

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Wed Jan 08 - TheGuardian
US President Donald Trump and Pentagon contradict each other about plans to attack Iran's cultural sites. Image via Business Insider.
Trump and Pentagon in contradiction over plans to strike Iran's cultural sites

After Iran vowed to avenge the US assassination of top military official Major-General Qassem Soleimani, US president Donald Trump stated on Twitter that the US armed forces had demarcated 52 cultural sites in Iran to assault in the event of a counterattack by Iran, a violation of international law, and the Pentagon has recently contradicted Trump's statement saying the US has developed no such plans.

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Tue Jan 07 - AlJazeera
The program is currently in its pilot phase, image via Getty Images
US to begin collecting DNA from immigrants for criminal database

The US government is launching a new program where they will now collect DNA samples from everyone held in immigration custody. This DNA will then be given to the FBI where it will be held in a giant criminal database indefinitely. Refusing to submit DNA could lead to someone being given criminal charges.

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Tue Jan 07 - CTVNews
The smoke cloud is now larger than the entire US ,image via Stuff
Australian bushfire smoke has gone from New Zealand to Chile

Smoke from the numerous Australian bushfires has traveled even further than New Zealand, making it all the way to Latin America. Satellite imaging shows the smoke moving across the Pacific and into Chile. The fires have shown no sign of stopping and are producing even more smoke, New Zealand has decided to send aid to Australia to help with the relief efforts.

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Tue Jan 07 -
Libya's eastern-dominated parliament rejects al-Sarraj's request for Turkish military intervention. Image via Zeit.
Libya's east-based parliament rejects Turkish military intervention

Days after the Turkish parliament approved Libyan president Fayez al-Sarraj's request for Turkish military intervention in the country, Libya's eastern dominated parliament has rejected the notion, deeming such an act a violation of the country's sovereignty. The country has been split between al-Sarraj's NATO-backed western Libyan General National Accord, and the eastern Libyan militant Libyan National Army led by General Khalifa Haftar.

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Sun Jan 05 - AlJazeera
The smoke has been covering Australia for some time now, image via AP
Smoke from Australian fires covers New Zealand cities

As Australia's multiple bushfires rage on, smoke from these fires has traveled all the way to New Zealand where it has darkened the sky in some places. The sky in the city of Auckland turned orange due to the smoke and temperatures in the area dropped around 4 to 5 degrees.

australia air-pollution pollution bushfire new-zealand air toxic

Sun Jan 05 - Stuff
French police shoot and kill Parisian man who went on murderous rampage in a park. Image via Reuters.
French police fatally shoot potential mass murderer in Paris

A 23-year-old Parisian man currently identified Nathan C. went on a murderous rampage in a park in the town of Villejuif wielding a knife, leaving one person dead and two more injured. The attacker was shot dead by French police, and while copies of the Qur'an were found in the man's belongings and a witness reports hearing him recite Islamic verses, authorities are hesitant to call the attack religiously motivated.

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Sat Jan 04 - Reuters
Micheal Jackson's family still denies all claims of abuse, image via Shutterstock
Micheal Jackson accusers can now sue two of his companies

An American court has ruled that the two men who accused Micheal Jackson of sexual abuse in the documentary 'Leaving Neverland' can sue his companies for damages. Micheal Jackson's estate has denied these claims and condemned the documentary when it was released. The men claim the abuse happened in the '90s when they were children.

abuse sexual-abuse micheal-jackson leaving-neverland accuser

Sat Jan 04 - BBC
The bushfire crisis has gotten worse and firefighters will not be able to handle it alone, image via AP
Australian government deploys third navy ship and army reserves to help firefighters

The Australian government has announced that up to 3,000 army reservists will be deployed along with a third navy ship to assist in the firefighting effort. The scale of the emergency has grown and thus more resources will be needed to tackle it. The government has previously faced criticism for not taking tougher action against climate change.

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Sat Jan 04 - Reuters
Turkey will soon vote on possible military deployment in Libya against rebel leader Haftar's offensive. Image via AP.
Turkey will vote on troop deployment in conflict-torn Libya

Following a powerful push by the forces of General Khalifa Haftar against the Libyan capital of Tripoli, the UN-supported government of Libya has requested military support from Turkey, adding that while this would constitute an escalation of violence in the region, such an act may not be necessary if Haftar called off his offensive. Turkey will soon hold a vote on fulfilling the Libyan government's request.

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Thu Jan 02 - AlJazeera
Australia has been plagued by bushfires for months, image via Tokkoro
Australian capital now has the worst air quality in the world

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, now has some of the worst air quality in the world according to the IQAir AirVisual website. The city is covered in a thick blanket of smoke that has been blown in from the bushfires still raging in nearby areas. According to the site, the air is twenty times worse than the level that is considered hazardous.

australia air-pollution pollution bushfire air toxic

Thu Jan 02 - SBSNews
Activists said the ads put peoples lives at risk, image via Yahoo!
Facebook has removed some misleading HIV ads after a large amount of controversy

Facebook has finally removed some ads that were spreading misleading information regarding some safe HIV medication, alleging that the medicine had harmful side effects. LGBT groups reported the ads and wrote an open letter to Facebook claiming the ads could put people's lives at risk. The ads have been up since December and have just now been removed.

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Thu Jan 02 - BBC
The weather forecast has predicted even more heavy rain, image via the Mole
Indonesia flash flood death count rises to 21, more rains expected

Indonesia's capital Jakarta has experienced a number of flash floods and landslides over the last few days and the death toll has risen to 21. This is one of the deadliest floods the country has seen in decades, with more than 30,000 people displaced and power outages around the city. According to the weather report, the city will see more heavy rain soon.

indonesia flood deaths flash-flood natural-disaster jakarta

Thu Jan 02 - Reuters
India to re-attempt lunar landing with third mission, Chandrayaan-3. Image via Sputnik News.
India announces it will re-attempt failed lunar landing with Chandrayaan-3

Only months after India's Chandrayaan-2 mission in September failed to deploy a rover on the unexplored south pole of the moon, the Indian space agency has approved a third mission to re-attempt the landing, named Chandrayaan-3, which will launch in 2020 and will aim to cost even less than the second mission, marking the country's significant inroads in the development of cost-effective space missions.

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Wed Jan 01 - Reuters
The Australian navy is now also contributing to the relief effort, image via Sky News
Australia bushfire death count rises to 12 as seaside is evacuated

Twelve people have now died due to the current bushfire crisis in Australia as navy ships struggle to evacuate the area and provide essential supplies. Police have found a number of bodies in burnt down cars and houses all over the affected area. Around 200 homes have been destroyed so far.

australia fire bushfire beach trapped fatality

Wed Jan 01 - Reuters
Carlos Ghosn, Nissan executive being investigated for misconduct in Japan, flees to Lebanon. Image via CNN.
Nissan executive Ghosn flees from Japan to Lebanon while on bail

Carlos Ghosn, Japanese car manufacturer Nissan's executive and former chairman of Renault, Nissan's largest shareholder, has been under investigation since last year for allegations of financial misconduct, and recently fled to Lebanon from Japan while on bail, citing gross miscarriages of justice in Japan's systems. The revelation appears to be sudden and surprising to everyone involved with Ghosn.

lebanon bail japan justice car nissan financial manufacturer carlos-ghosn renault system allegations flee misconduct

Tue Dec 31 - Reuters
This can also be attributed to the slowdown of international migration, image via The Boston Globe
US population growth rate reaches lowest point in a century

According to the latest US census, the population growth rate in the country has reached its lowest point in a century. The birth rate has declined and the death rate has gone up due to the large aging population. Some of this slowdown can also be attributed to the decrease in immigration to the US.

us immigration birth-rate death-rate population migration

Tue Dec 31 - Time
The government has asked the military for assistance with the evacuations, image via Bloomberg
Thousands of Australians stranded on beaches surrounded by bushfires

Thousands of people evacuated their seaside towns and fled to the beaches in order to escape the bushfires that were closing in. These people are now trapped on these beaches and the government is asking for help with the evacuations. They have asked both the military and the US for assistance.

australia fire bushfire beach trapped

Tue Dec 31 - Reuters
The temperature dropped to 9.4 degrees, image via Hindustan Times
Dehli has had one of its coldest days in over a century

India is experiencing a kind of cold wave, with large cities taking the brunt of the impact as pollution levels also rise. Dehli, in particular, has seen one its coldest days in over a century as the maximum temperature dropped to 9.4 degrees celsius. Homeless shelters all over the city are filling up as people try to escape the cold.

india climate-change global-warming dehli cold

Tue Dec 31 - BBC
Koalas may become endangered due to the fires, image via Getty Images
Australia's bush fires have devastated the country's wildlife

Australia is currently battling wildfires that are popping up all over the country, particularly in places that are habitats to a number of species. Koalas, Kangaroos and a number of other animals unique to Australia are dying in the millions and may even become endangered. Currently, only volunteers and donation run NGO's are attempting to protect these animals.

australia environment fires animals species koalas

Mon Dec 30 - Reuters