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UN mission transferred to base near airport due to mob threat. Image via AP.
UN's Ebola mission threatened by mobs in Congo

The World Health Organization transferred 49 out of 120 people working in Ebola hotspots in the city of Beni, North Kivu, after mobs threatened the camp, demanding better action from the UN mission regarding the Ebola outbreak, which has killed 5000 people to date. The UN camp has been re-stationed to a base near the airport following this development.

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Wed Nov 27 - TheGuardian
Of the 39 corpses of Vietnamese people found inside the truck, 16 have been returned. Image via Sky News.
Essex truck bodies repatriated to Vietnam

Following the admission of guilt, last week of Irishman Maurice Robinson, who would aid illegal immigration in the UK, the first 16 out of 39 bodies of illegal Vietnamese immigrants found in his refrigerated truck has been returned to Vietnam, awaiting funeral services and burial by their families. The UK government has urged the families to consider cremation instead of burial for cost and environmental reasons.

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Wed Nov 27 - TheGuardian
Albania earthquake biggest one in decades, kills 13. Image via The Independent.
A massive earthquake in Albania leaves 13 dead

Tirana and the port of Durres were struck by an earthquake of magnitude 6.4, the biggest one to hit Albania in decades. The earthquake leveled apartment buildings and killed at least 13 citizens, reported a defense ministry spokeswoman, with five bodies being found buried under the rubble.

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Tue Nov 26 - Reuters
Opens Arms charity ship brings 62 African migrants safely to Italian port. Image via AFP.
Spanish charity ship carrying migrants docks in Italy

A rescue ship operated by the Spanish charity Open Arms picked up 62 African migrants aboard a dinghy in the Mediterranean sea, and recently docked into the port of Taranto, Italy. Government medics and police conducted short examinations of the migrants as they prepared to be taken off the ship.

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Tue Nov 26 - Reuters
Singapore is Making Roads from Trash, Image via The Straits Times
Singapore is Making Roads from Trash

Singapore has always been ranked as one of the top nations for creativity and usage of technology. The island nation is now turning trash into roads and footpaths. In a concept called NEWSand, the Singaporean authorities are turning waste into construction material to construct roads, footpaths, and even benches. A field trial to assess the real-life performance of possible NEWSand materials will start in the middle of 2020.

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Tue Nov 26 - BusinessInsider
China can disrupt the Philippines’ National Power Systems anytime, Image via Reuters
China can disrupt the Philippines’ National Power Systems anytime

According to a leaked report, the Philippines' National Power system is under full control of the Chinese Government and could be shut off in the time of political issues. China's State Grid Corporation has a 40% stake in the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). The report also claimed that only Chinese Engineers had access to sensitive elements of the grid station which makes it more Beijing controlled grid.

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Tue Nov 26 - CNN
Bill Cosby was once a beloved TV star, but has now been convicted of sexual assault, image via Shutterstock
Bill Cosby has said he feels no remorse for his crimes

Bill Cosby, a TV star who has now been convicted of sexual assault, has maintained his stance that he did not commit the crimes and that he feels no remorse. He announced that he will likely serve his full ten-year sentence and will not be released early. In order to get an early release, most sex offenders have to at least show remorse for their crimes.

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Tue Nov 26 - ABCNews
An American Professor Tom Nichols called Indian food terrible, Image via Times of India
US Professor calls Indian Food “Terrible”

An American Professor Tom Nichols called Indian food terrible in his tweet and Indian food lovers were in no mood to spare him. The whole situation became so serious that Indian good delivery giant Zomato jumped in and asked twitter for a dislike button for such tweets. He quoted in his tweet that Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn’t.

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Mon Nov 25 - TheEconomicTimes
Julian Assange might die in prison, doctors say. Image via AFP.
Doctors concerned about Assange's health

An open letter endorsed by 60 doctors has been released alerting the UK to their opinion that Wikileaks creator Julian Assange might be in such bad health that he could pass away while in prison. The doctor says Assange had several mental and physical health problems and urged the UK government to transfer him to a hospital for treatment.

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Mon Nov 25 - AlJazeera
Venice hit by more floods due to rain and tides. Image via AFP.
Venice floods again in torrential rains

Only weeks after the aquatic city suffered record-breaking floods due to high tides, Venice floods again amidst heavy rains. While a manageable level of the tide is considered to be 80-90 cm, in the past month alone, the city has been hit by four tides of above 140 cm, the highest since official statistics started being kept in 1872.

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Mon Nov 25 - AlJazeera
Dresden museum burglary, billion euros taken in stolen items. Image via AP.
Billion euro burglary at Dresden museum

In what is being called the most serious art heist since World War II, burglars broke into the Grune Gwelbe (Green Vault) in Dresden, Germany and took hundreds of precious objects, which could be worth up to a billion euros. The Green Vault houses 10 rooms with over 3000 artifacts, including the priceless Dresden Green Diamond, which is currently on loan with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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Mon Nov 25 - TheGuardian
Bloody church attack foiled by teen
Mon Nov 25
The police believe the attack would have been very bloody, image via Google Maps
Bloody church attack foiled by teen

A 16-year-old girl was arrested in Georgia recently for planning to attack a local black Church. The police found the plan the girl had written down as well as a large number of knives that she had collected. The attack was foiled by a fellow teen who overheard the girl's plan and reported her to the school.

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Mon Nov 25 - CNN
The woman was also an award winning power lifter, image via Fox News
82-year-old woman puts a thief in the hospital

Willie Murphy, an 82-year-old American woman, put a man in the hospital after he tried to break into her home. Murphy, being an award-winning powerlifter, attacked the man with household items, including her table. When the police arrived on the scene, they immediately called an ambulance for the intruder. She is not pressing charges.

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Mon Nov 25 - CNN
All of the ships crew was rescued, image via Getty Images
A Ship carrying 15,000 sheep sinks near Romania

A ship carrying around 15,000 sheep overturned near the coast of Romania. All of the ship's crew have been rescued although it is unclear what has happened to the sheep. The ship was initially headed for Saudi Arabia and was built in 1980. It is unclear what caused the ship to overturn.

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Mon Nov 25 - TodayOnline
Plane crash takes the lives of 27 people in Congo. Image via AFP.
27 dead in Eastern Congo plane crash

The city of Goma in eastern Congo saw the country's second plane crash this month, when a local company Busy Bee's plane suffered a critical failure and smashed into a highly populated area, killing 27 people, including some who died due to the falling wreckage.

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Sun Nov 24 - Reuters
The mummies were found near the Giza pyramids, image via The Washington Post
Animal mummies of lions, cats, and crocodiles found in Egypt

Egypt has revealed 75 animal mummies and statues that they found near the Giza pyramids. These mummies included lion cubs, crocodiles, and cats. The Egyptian government hopes to use such finds to revitalize its struggling tourism industry. The mummies were likely used in religious ceremonies that involved the worship of cats in Ancient Egypt.

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Sun Nov 24 - Aljazeera
Heavy Rains caused deadly landslides in Kenya, Image via Kenya Red Cross
The deadly landslide killed 29 in Kenya

Heavy Rains caused deadly landslides in Kenya killing at least 29 people in the villages of Nyarkulian and Parua. Kenyan President Kenyatta said there had been "massive destruction" of property and infrastructure. Landslides and extreme weather conditions have also killed many people in Ethiopia and Tanzania. A weather system called the Indian Ocean Dipole is making conditions worse in the region.

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Sun Nov 24 - BBC
A Scammer managed $1 Million fraud from prison
A Scammer managed $1 Million fraud from prison

Internet fraud is common these days, but what about a million-dollar fraud from a person who is already serving a 24-year prison sentence? Yes, it’s true, Nigerian internet fraudster Hope Olusegun Aroke has been placed under investigation for allegedly masterminding $1 million scams from inside the Lagos prison. The scammer has been serving 24-year prison in Nigeria but a preliminary investigation found that he still had access to the internet.

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Wed Nov 20 - BBC
Each year International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19 in more than 70 countries worldwide, image via Getty Images
International Men’s Day: It’s all about Health, Gender Equality, and Positivity

Each year International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19 in more than 70 countries worldwide. Men’s issues are sometimes overlooked in society. Issues like mental health, toxic masculinity are common for male suicide. The official website of International Men’s Day states that the day is “focus on men's and boy's health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models”.

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Tue Nov 19 - TheSun