Bill Cosby was once a beloved TV star, but has now been convicted of sexual assault, image via Shutterstock

Bill Cosby has said he feels no remorse for his crimes

Bill Cosby, a TV star who has now been convicted of sexual assault, has maintained his stance that he did not commit the crimes and that he feels no remorse. He announced that he will likely serve his full ten-year sentence and will not be released early. In order to get an early release, most sex offenders have to at least show remorse for their crimes.

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Tue Nov 26 - ABCNews

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Goldman Sachs makes a $3.9 billion deal with Malaysia

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Sat Jul 25 - Cnbc
The painting was made in 1884, image via Singer Laren Museum
Van Gogh painting stolen from a closed museum

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Tue Mar 31 - Reuters
Famous Australian painter Anthony Lister charged on four counts of rape. Image via Daily Mercury.
Iconic Australian artist Anthony Lister has been charged with rape

The famous 40-year-old Australian painter Anthony Lister, who was included in Complex Art and Design's list of most influential street artists of all time, has been charged with the rape of four women and will remain in prison for eight weeks while he awaits his trial. Lister has also been charged with possession of drugs and firearms, with the alleged rapes occurring between 2015 and 2018.

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Wed Mar 11 - TheGuardian
600 toilet rolls stolen from Hong Kong supermarket due to shortages caused by coronavirus fears. Image via CNN.
Triad gangs steal 600 toilet rolls in Hong Kong

Widespsread alarm triggered by the coronavirus outbreak has led to shortages in Hong Kong as citizens stock up on necessities, which recently saw Wellcome Supermarket in the Mong Kok district, an area with a history of Triad crimes, being raided by armed robbers who stole 600 toilet rolls worth a total of 1,695 HKD.

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Mon Feb 17 - BBC