Japan’s economy shrinks at record rate, slammed by pandemic

Japan’s economy shrinks at record rate, slammed by pandemic

Japanese media reported the latest drop was the worst since World War II. For the April-June period, Japan’s exports dropped at a whopping annual rate of 56%, while private consumption dipped at an annual rate of nearly 29%.

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Mon Aug 17 - Politico

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The crisis is putting enormous pressure on all kinds of businesses, image via Getty Images
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The Cheesecake Factory has told its landlords across the US that they will be unable to pay rent on April 1st due to the coronavirus crisis. Most of the restaurant's properties are still open for takeout and delivery although it has had to close 2 due to the virus. It is unclear how the landlords responded.

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Fri Mar 27 - NJ
Singapore economic data shows global economy headed for recession worse than 2008 crisis. Image via Reuters.
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Singapore today became the first country in the world to report its economic growth data for the period during which the coronavirus outbreak became a pandemic, with data showing the country's GDP fell 10.6 percent from the last quarter. The International Monetary Fund has announced that the global economy could be headed for a recession both deeper and longer than the 2008 financial crisis.

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Thu Mar 26 - BBC
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Tue Mar 17 - Reuters