North Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un claims Trump has praised his coronavirus relief efforts in a letter. Image via SCMP.

Kim Jong Un claims Trump has praised his coronavirus relief efforts

North Korea's leader Chairman Kim Jong Un has claimed that he has received a letter from US President Donald Trump praising his efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. The country's state media KCNA revealed the contents of the letter on national television, with the Trump administration later confirming that the President did send such a letter to Jong Un.

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Sun Mar 22 - Reuters

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US to deploy navy in the Caribbean to stop illegal drug trade. Image via Florida Daily Post.
US deploys navy to thwart Caribbean drug trade

US President Donald Trump has declared that the US is deploying its warships in the Caribbean to thwart the influx of cocaine and other illegal drugs from Venezuela, with Trump charging Venezuelan President Nicolaus Maduro with plotting to harm the health of American citizens. President Maduro has replied that the move is an attempt to divert attention from the US' rapidly worsening coronavirus crisis.

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