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Marvel Chief creative officer responds to the legendary film director, image via Disney
Kevin Feige responds to Scorsese's attack on superhero movies

Marvel's Kevin Feige has finally responded to Martin Scorsese's controversial attack on superhero films. Feige said in an interview that art is entirely subjective and that he disagrees with Scorsese's assessment that superhero films are bad for cinema. He went on to say that everyone who works on Marvel films loves cinema and is trying to make movies that are more than just mindless action flicks.

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Mon Nov 11 - HollywoodReporter
Emma Watson is happy with her "self-partnered" status, image via Getty images
Emma Watson is happy with her "self-partnered" status

In an interview with British Vogue, UN goodwill ambassador, and star of the “Harry Potter” series, Emma Watson said that “I’m really happy being single, I call it self-partnered”. By celebrating singlehood, Emma Watson was showing the way millennials are thinking about relationships. According to a study conducted by General Social Survey (GSS) in 2019 suggest that more young people are single than ever before, as 51% of young people in the US aren’t in a relationship.

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Sun Nov 10 - CNN
The team plants one tree for every dollar donated, image via Night Media
Popular youtuber set afloat thriving campaign to plant 20 million trees by 2020

Popular YouTuber Mr. Beast has started a viral internet campaign to plant 20 million trees by 2020 and has attracted a large number of high profile donations including those from Elon Musk. He has so far raised $13 million at a dollar a tree under the hashtag #TeamTrees. More than 600 influencers have spread awareness about the campaign as the donations continue to grow.

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Sun Nov 10 - BusinessInsider
The Mandalorian is the first ever live action Star Wars series, image via Disney
Disney+ will rely heavily on The Mandalorian

Disney+ is still in its early days but is not offering a large amount of original or exclusive content to attract subscribers. The Mandalorian is the most high profile show currently on the platform and is expected to attract the most subscribers out of their entire lineup. The show will be available to reviewers and viewers at the same time in order to avoid the spread of spoilers.

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Sun Nov 10 - CNN
Joker's low budget allowed it to make very large profits, image via Warner Bros.
'Joker' is the most successful comic book movie in history

'Joker' has become a massive hit all over the world and has made over $953 million. Since it had a relatively low budget of $62.5 million, it has become the most profitable comic book movies ever made. It is the largest grossing movie ever to not play in China and will likely also try for an Oscar.

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Sat Nov 09 - Forbes
Netflix has joined forces with other streaming platforms to fight piracy, image via Pixabay
Netflix and other streaming services to crackdown on password sharing

A large number of streaming services have come together to fight the rampant freeriding on their platforms. Insiders have said that there are currently no plans to make moves against individuals but will instead limit the number of devices that can stream from one account. It is currently unclear what other steps these services may take to curb the problem.

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Sat Nov 09 - TheHollywoodReporter
Loki is set to be released in 2021, image via Disney
New Loki Disney+ Series to tie in to Marvel Cinematic Universe show; Doctor Strange 2

Marvel CEO Kevin Feige has announced that the upcoming Disney Plus Marvel shows will tie into the larger cinematic universe. He then went on to specify that the Loki show will tie directly into Doctor Strange 2 and that if fans want to understand every corner of this universe, they will have to get a Disney Plus subscription.

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Sat Nov 09 - TechRadar
Most of the Avengers Endgame cast for Oscar consideration. Image via Disney
Disney is submitting the Avengers Endgame cast for Oscar consideration

Disney has confirmed that it has sent in the names of the majority of the Avengers Endgame cast for Oscar consideration. Initially, they were only submitting off-screen roles but are now pushing for the best supporting actor/actress awards as well. The names submitted include Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansen, and ten others.

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Fri Nov 08 - IGN
Star Wars going on hiatus after Rise of Skywalker. Image via Disney
'Rise of Skywalker' to be last Star Wars movie for some time

Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that the Star Wars movies will go into hiatus after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in December. Although there will still be plenty of Star Wars content on TV, the franchise is expected to stay off the big screen for a few years.

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Fri Nov 08 - CNET
Movie Still from Ant Man and the Wasp. Image via imdb
Marvel's Ant-Man 3 is expected to shoot by the end of 2020

The latest installment in the Ant-Man series is in the works, with Peyton Reed back to his role as a director, Paul Reed is likely to return to his role as Scott Lang. This movie is part of the post-Avengers Endgame universe which is also set to feature several other films including Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder and many more.

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Thu Nov 07 - TheVerge
Keanu Reaves poses with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant at LACMA'19// Image via USA Today
Keanu Reeves' newfound romance leaves fans in awe

The 55-year-old heartthrob, Keanu Reeves made an appearance at the LACMA Film event in Los Angles, officially introducing his girlfriend Alexandra Grant to the world, hence confirming the previous rumors of their relationship. The fans were left in awe, as this was the first time the actor made an explicit declaration of any romantic relationship since his partner Jennifer Syme passed away in 2001.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheNews
Netflix release the latest poster for its upcoming latest installment of season 'The Crown' // Image via Daily Mail
Olivia Coleman praised for her 'magnificent' performance in the show; The Crown Season 3

About to premiere on November 17, the third season of 'The Crown' features new cast members such as Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth II, Tobias Menzies as Prince Phillip while Helena Bonham takes over the role of Princess Margaret. The latest season will cover the time span from 1964 to 1977. While the critics are in awe of Coleman's performance, they believe that the other newcomers could do much better.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheDailyMail
American singer-song writer Carly Simon
Carly Simon mentioning Donald Trump, says he was 'all over me like an ugly ape'

Carly Simon recalls meeting Donald trump while in an interview with The Guardian newspaper. She claims that during her time at luncheon held in New York she met with Donald Trump who she 'thought was king of repulsive'. At first the Trump did not pay any attention towards the singer but later he wanted to meet her anxiously according to the singer-song writer Simon. She was also invited by him to his farmed hotel resort.

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Thu Oct 31 - Canoe
Pakistan's Own Superheroes
First look at the Pakistani Superhero Series, "Pasbaan Legion"

Umair Najib Khan, a 25 year old visual artist, has released the first glimpse of his comic book series. The series, which revolves around a group of superheroes, will be called 'Pasbaan Legion'. Khan plan to release his book in entirety in December 2019 and for now has only just shown a short trailer introducing the characters. Umair has even begin a fundraiser to back his comic book project.

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Mon Oct 28 - Tribune
"Benazir Bhutto is a hero to me"
Mehwish Hayat to play Benazir Bhutto

While in conversation with BBC Urdu, the actress Mehwish Hayat confirmed that she will be playing the role of Benzair Bhutto in a biopic. While there had been several rumors in the past, Hayat has now just confirmed them. She voiced her immense respect and admiration for the deceased political leader and expressed her excitement at getting to play Benazir Bhutto.

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Mon Oct 28 - DAWN
Jack Thorne's Grenfell tragedy inspired TV drama, The Accident, raises attention on corporate manslaughter
Revelation of inspiration behind the TV show "The Accident"

One of the most UK in-demand writer, Jack Thorne, explains how his focus for his latest Channel 4 drama, The Accident, shifted from looking at class and restorative justice as the Grenfell tragedy struck. The Accident is being considered as his darkest work so far. The show circles around a Welsh community destroyed by an explosion that happens at a building site causing a factory block to collapse trapping teenagers in it.

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Mon Oct 21 - BBCNews MetroNews
Kevin Heart about the lawsuit
Kevin Hart Lawsuit Almost Certain in Car Crash

Kevin Hart and the 2 people in his car that crashed Sept. 1 have all lawyered up and everyone's expecting a big lawsuit. The argument is that Kevin should have worried less about keeping the car authentic and more about safety and not doing so constitutes negligence.
This caused a rise in awareness among car companies about installing safety harnesses during classic cars customization.

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Sun Sep 22 - TMZ
DaBaby at the concert
DaBaby Appears to Throw a Punch at Fan Who Touches His Chain

DaBaby seems to have handled his own business for once instead of resorting to goons -- 'cause he appears to have thrown a punch at a handsy fan.
DB probably had good reason to swat at him though ... looks like the dude got his paws on his chain, and might've even been trying to tug on it and snatch it away.


Sun Sep 22 - TMZ