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Australian authorities have still not fully put it the previous bush-fire, image via CNN
Heatwave in Australia expected to cause more forest fires

Firefighters have been battling 120 different fires all over Australia and have just managed to improve conditions. However, another wave of hot air is expected to sweep the region and escalate the fires once again. So far the fires have burnt down 300 homes and over 1 million hectares of land.

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Fri Nov 15 - BBC
Health professionals are still trying to identify the illness, image via District 51
Mysterious illness shuts down an entire school in Colorado

A high school in Colorado has been shut down after 300 students and staff caught a mysterious illness. It is currently unclear what exactly this illness is or how it spread, although health officials are going through the campus to find clues. They hope to have the school open by Monday.

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Fri Nov 15 - KKTV
Emergency declared in Italy as Venice floods. Image via Marco Bertorello/AFP
Italy declares a state of emergency amidst Venice floods

The Italian city and UNESCO Heritage site Venice, comprising of over 100 islands inside a lagoon, saw water level rises upwards of 1.87m as record-high tides inundated historic sites and caused power losses to homes and businesses. At one point, more than 80 percent of the city was deemed to be underwater. The floods have caused tourists to flee the city, and have spurred concerns regarding the future of the already sinking aquatic city.

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Thu Nov 14 - BBC
Ancient mummified cat turns out to be a scam. Image via Corbis Steven Vidler
Ancient Egyptian mummified cat puzzles scientists

Researchers recently performed an X-ray analysis of an ancient Egyptian mummified cat at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes, France, but were perplexed to find the remains of three felines inside the mummy. They believe the discovery to be evidence of 'ancient scams' run by disingenuous priests. Cats represented deities in ancient Egyptian religion, and scientists say there is more to be learned about how they were treated.

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Thu Nov 14 - TheDailyExpress
Oxygen varies unpredictably on the Red Planet according to NASA, image via Getty Images
Startling new data suggests unforeseen variations in oxygen on Mars

The latest data from the Curiosity rover on Mars has befuddled NASA scientists, who state they have no good explanation for large fluctuations in the oxygen levels on Mars. The data was so unbelievable that, at first, scientists' only explanation was faulty instruments. But the data has now been deemed accurate, showing that oxygen and methane levels on Mars vary in unpredictable ways, unlike other atmospheric gases.

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Thu Nov 14 - TheIndependent
The World Health Organisation has pre-qualified the vaccine, image via Getty Images
Regulators have approved the world's first Ebola vaccine

Regulators in Europe have approved the first-ever Ebola vaccine and it is immediately going into distribution. The World Health Organisation has prequalified the vaccine, deeming it safe for use globally. According to early reports the vaccine 97.5% effective at preventing the deadly disease. Scientists have been working on this since 2014, ever since the first Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

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Thu Nov 14 - ARSTechnica
W.H.O is tackling the global insulin shortage, image via Getty Images
W.H.O to bring down insulin prices worldwide

The World Health Organisation has announced that they are beginning testing of generic versions of insulin to encourage more companies to manufacture the drug. For the last 20 years, just three major companies have dominated the insulin market and they have been steadily increasing its price. It is estimated that 40 million people with diabetes cannot afford insulin.

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Thu Nov 14 - NewYorkTimes
Much of the famous city is underwater, image via Shutterstock
Venice mayor blames climate change for the catastrophic flood

Venice is experiencing severe flooding after a storm swept through Italy on Tuesday. The water levels in the region have not been this high in the last 50 years and the city's mayor has said this is because of climate change. Venice will be testing new flood barrier technology in 2021 to prevent this from happening again.

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Wed Nov 13 - BBC
A study suggests that the Nile River may have emerged about 30 Million years ago, Image via shutterstock
A study suggests that the Nile River may have emerged about 30 Million years ago

A group of researchers published an article in the Journal Nature Geoscience claiming that Nile River may have emerged about 30 million years ago. Lead Author Claudio Feccenna mentioned that the Nile River is thought to have formed at the same time as the Ethiopian highlands. The team analyzed sediments collected from the Nile Delta and compared them with ancient volcanic rock on the Ethiopian plateau.

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Wed Nov 13 - Livescience
Mercury will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun
Scientists have a rare opportunity to study planets as Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun

Once every 13 years Mercury passes between the Earth and Sun in an event known as Transit. During Transit, Mercury is visible from the Earth and allows scientists to study a planet's orbit. Scientists may also be able to discover new planets and exoplanets outside our solar system during this event.

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Tue Nov 12 - Aljazeera
Now you can burn 6000 calories a day without even moving, Image via shutterstock
Burn up to 6000 calories per day without even moving

Putting your brain to the test burns calories. An American neuroendocrinologist and author Robert Morris Sapolsky said that a chess player can burn up to 6000 calories in a single day without even moving. Extreme pressure and excessive thinking can increase breathing rate, blood pressure, and muscle contractions. World chess championship of 1984 was called off because defending champion Anatoly Karpov lost 22 pounds during the tournament.

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Sun Nov 10 - ESPN
Vaping may be the cause of over 2,000 lung injuries, image via Thorn Yang
Regulators have found a new link between lung injury and vaping

Researchers have found Vitamin E acetate in 29 patients who had vaping related injuries. Although this is a strong link between vaping and lung injury the scientists do not have enough data to declare it a cause. Vitamin E acetate is used as a cutting agent in illicit vaping liquids that contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive constituent of marijuana, and may be dangerous to humans.

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Sat Nov 09 - Reuters
Healthcare giant Abbott tests 60% of the global blood supply. Image via Getty Images
Scientists discover new HIV strain for the first time in 19 years

Scientists at Abbott, a large healthcare company, have discovered a new extremely rare strain of HIV. This is the first new strain to be discovered in 19 years and was found by the company's screening system. This discovery will allow scientists to more effectively detect this new strain, named HIV-1 group M subtype L, in a patient's blood.

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Sat Nov 09 - ScientificAmerican
Rhino horn is used in traditional Chinese medicine and for ornamental carving, image via Lee Ann Nicholls
Scientists come up with new plan to stop rhino poaching

Scientists are planning to flood the black market with fake rhino horns in order to discourage poaching. They have found a way to mass-produce realistic rhino horns using horsehair for very cheap. These horns are expected to hit the market in 2022 and economists predict that they could drastically lower the price of rhino horns, thus discouraging poachers.

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Sat Nov 09 - Guardian
Solar power is the future in Africa
Africa will lead the world's cleanest economic revolution, says report

According to a prediction by the International Energy Agency, Africa is going to experience a boom in solar energy generation. This energy will be used to power the urbanization that is expected to take place on the continent over the course of the next 20 years. Although some fossil fuels will still be required to power heavy industries, new homes are expected to be primarily solar-powered.

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Fri Nov 08 - Guardian
The ice eggs only appear once a year via Risto Mattila
Rare 'ice eggs' appear on beach in Finland

Thousands of 'ice eggs' have appeared on a beach in Finland, a phenomenon that experts claim is extremely rare. The eggs can only form under certain weather conditions and appear just once a year, mainly in autumn. The eggs are very rarely photographed and can be as large as footballs.

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Fri Nov 08 - Guardian
The disastrous effects of climate change Image via
11,000 scientists declare that the need to address climate change has never been more

A global group of 11,000 scientists claim that the world is faced with a climate change emergency while the governments fail to realize its severity. Satellite data showed October 2019 as the warmest October so far. To mitigate the crisis, they have identified main areas where immediate steps can be taken, namely energy, short-lived pollutants, nature, food, economy, and population.

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Wed Nov 06 - BBCNews
NASA is considering whether to send an orbiter to Pluto
The most hotly-contested body of the Solar system to be further explored by NASA

New Horizons mission being a successful achievement by NASA in 2015 has paved paths for further investigation of the dwarf planet, Pluto. The New Horizons mission was able to give a cursory analysis of Pluto and its moons, however, this new mission is to gather further information of Pluto and answer the questions raised by the previous mission. NASA has also funded this orbiter mission study.

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Mon Nov 04 - Digitaltrends
Taurid Meteor Shower to fill sky with 'natural fireworks' on Bonfire Night
'Nature's fireworks' to be hosted by skies on bonfire night

Taurids display was given birth when Comet Encke broke up around 20,000 to 30,000 years ago. This year the Taurid meteor might just put on the best show so far considering the behavior of past Taurid swarms according to NASA. About 5 to 10 shooting stars will surface with peak visibility this year, in the sky, after every hour.

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Mon Nov 04 - Dailymail
NASA spots ghoulish carved out pumpkin screaming into space in spooky image
"Happy Halloween" love, Space.

Spitzer Space Telescope from NASA captured a spooky image of a devilish pumpkin screaming into space right in time for Halloween. This structure has been named as ‘Jack-o’-lantern Nebula”. According to NASA, “A recent study of the region suggests that the powerful outflow of radiation and particles from the star likely swept the surrounding dust and gas outward, creating deep gouges in this cloud, which is known as a nebula".

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Sat Nov 02 - Express
Chang’e-5 probe for collection of lunar samples
China’s lunar exploration program taking new steps to bring back moon samples

Chief designer of China's lunar exploration program, Wu Weiren, claimed that China is all set to launch its Chang’e-5 probe in the year 2020. This probe will be sent by Long March-5 carrier rocket and will bring lunar samples back to Earth. Orbiting, landing and returning were the three main phases of the lunar exploration program. With the development of Chang'e-5 probe the last phase is expected to be accomplished soon.

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Wed Oct 30 - TheNation
Raging fires hit California
Smoke Clouds, High Winds and Blazing Fires in California

The state of California announced itself to be in a state of emergency, as fires spread to more than 34,000 acres in Santa Monica. The local fire department has issued evacuation, instructing residents to leave their homes. The fire has already destroyed homes and vineyards. Patients in hospitals within the area are also being evacuated to other facilities. California Fire spokesperson said that the fire is being fueled by winds and it's becoming difficult for the crews to sustain it

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Mon Oct 28 - ABCNews
Siraj Raval plagiarize academic paper ( source: )
Siraj Raval loses academic credibility for plagiarizing academic papers

Siraj Raval, a popular tech influencer and a machine learning guru having more than 700k subscribers on youtube, is caught plagiarizing academic papers. His recent paper on quantum qubits has a large chunk copied from a papers written by Texas A&M and MIT researchers. Siraj apologized and said he would slow down and be more thoughtful.

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Wed Oct 16 - Techgrabyte
Cassini's Sojourn Around Saturn
Space Photos of the Week: Cassini's Sojourn Around Saturn

Launched in 1997, NASA's Cassini mission was designed to orbit Saturn, studying the planet's rings, icy moons, and general composition. Oh, and its largest moon, Titan, turned out to be dotted with lakes of methane and covered in a thick orange haze—yet might nevertheless be habitable. Before it died, it sent back nearly half a million photos of many earthlings' favorite member of the solar system.


Sun Sep 22 - Wired
Australia Space Agency
Nasa to get help from Australia to get to Mars and Moon

The Australian government has announced that it's joining forces with NASA and supporting its exploration missions to Mars and the Moon, including the Artemis program. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the country is spending $150 million over five years for the collaboration. It remains to be seen whether Australia's support can help NASA send astronauts to the Moon by 2024.

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Sun Sep 22 - Engadget