The mummies were found near the Giza pyramids, image via The Washington Post

Animal mummies of lions, cats, and crocodiles found in Egypt

Egypt has revealed 75 animal mummies and statues that they found near the Giza pyramids. These mummies included lion cubs, crocodiles, and cats. The Egyptian government hopes to use such finds to revitalize its struggling tourism industry. The mummies were likely used in religious ceremonies that involved the worship of cats in Ancient Egypt.

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Sun Nov 24 - Aljazeera

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Ethiopian Government plans to go ahead with the $4 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project on the Blue Nile that will provide power to its more than 100 million citizens and create huge opportunities for its economy. But Sudan and Egypt downstream first want a legally-binding agreement on how long it will take to fill the dam and the way it will be operated.

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Talks underway between Egypt and Sudan as Ethiopian dam opening looms. Image via Reuters.
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Tue Dec 03 - TheGuardian