Arctic sea ice melting faster than forecast

Arctic sea ice melting faster than forecast

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK -- The Arctic sea ice is melting faster than climate models had predicted, researchers at the University of Copenhagen warned on Tuesday. Their findings, published in the journal Nature at the end of July, showed the unusually high temperatures currently being seen in the Arctic Ocean have only been observed during the previous ice age.

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Wed Aug 19 - Ctvnews

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Research finds coronavirus vaccine may last for a long time. Image via Vox
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Two recently concluded studies conducted independently by Rome's Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases and Ancona University Hospital's Department of Biomedical Sciences and Public Health have discovered through genetic sequencing that the coronavirus mutates very slowly, and therefore a vaccine developed for the virus may help inoculate populations for a long time to come.

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Wed Mar 25 -
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Appearing on NBC's The Today Show, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams has stated that the coronavirus pandemic is about to get worse this week, with most states in the country facing an alarming rise in the number of newly infected people. The statement comes as New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Oregon and Illinois have seen complete lockdowns, with New York accounting for 6 percent of the world's coronavirus cases.

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Tue Mar 24 - CIDRAP
Chinese officials say Japanese flu medication favipiravir helped treating coronavirus. Image via Business Insider.
Japanese flu medicine helps against coronavirus, Chinese officials say

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Thu Mar 19 - NewYorkPost