Guilty Gear Strive to receive arcade release in Japan. Image via Angle News.

Guilty Gear Strive will be made available in Japanese aracades

Due to the continuing massive popularity of arcades in Japan, developers have announced that Guilty Gear Strive, a cult favorite game that aims to deconstruct the fighting game genre, will be receiving an arcade release too. However, given the rarity of arcades outside of Japan, most users will still be playing the game upon its PlayStation 4 release later in the year.

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Mon Jan 20 - Gamespot

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gaming pc upgrade remake ps4 xbox-one developer remaster square-enix nier nier-replicant nier-automata anniversary yusuke-saito

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Wed Mar 18 - TheVerge
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pc first-person-shooter rainbow-six-siege ps4 xbox ubisoft colourblind colorblind

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