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Joker's low budget allowed it to make very large profits, image via Warner Bros.
'Joker' is the most successful comic book movie in history

'Joker' has become a massive hit all over the world and has made over $953 million. Since it had a relatively low budget of $62.5 million, it has become the most profitable comic book movies ever made. It is the largest grossing movie ever to not play in China and will likely also try for an Oscar.

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Sat Nov 09 - Forbes
Healthcare giant Abbott tests 60% of the global blood supply. Image via Getty Images
Scientists discover new HIV strain for the first time in 19 years

Scientists at Abbott, a large healthcare company, have discovered a new extremely rare strain of HIV. This is the first new strain to be discovered in 19 years and was found by the company's screening system. This discovery will allow scientists to more effectively detect this new strain, named HIV-1 group M subtype L, in a patient's blood.

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Sat Nov 09 - ScientificAmerican
Uber's new self driving cars are not ready for street testing, image via Eric Risberg
Uber's self driving tech unable to detect people outside of a crosswalk

According to a federal investigation, Uber's self-driving SUV that killed Elaine Herzberg last year had a large number of software shortcomings. The cars were not designed to be able to detect people who were not on crosswalks and had few safety mechanisms to prevent crashes. An Uber spokesperson has announced that the company has improved its safety protocol.

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Sat Nov 09 - Wired
Chinese photographed a standardized exam used to test international students, image via Kyodo News
Chinese citizens arrested for photographing Japanese university entrance exam

Five Chinese citizens were arrested for taking pictures of a Japanese university admission test. One of the culprits was the head of a Tokyo cram school and said he took the pictures to attract more people to his school and stabilize his business. More than 60 percent of the people who took this exam in 2019 were Chinese nationals.

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Sat Nov 09 - TheMainichi
Facebook employees have complained about systemic racism within the company, image via the Verge
Facebook publicly says "we are sorry" after employees complain about discrimination

Facebook has issued a public apology to all of its employees after an anonymous blog post brought attention to the racism within the company. The blog post was written by some Facebook employees and had detailed accounts of a number of racist incidents that took place at the company. Facebook has not yet revealed any plans on how it intends to deal with this issue.

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Sat Nov 09 - CNBC
Some Japanese businesses said glasses-wearing shop assistants gave a "cold impression", image via Getty Images
Japanese firms ban female employees from wearing glasses

A number of businesses in Japan have banned their female employees from wearing glasses. This has caused a large amount of controversy on social media and has led to discussions regarding the sexist dress code policies that exist in the country. Many are complaining that these companies only value women for their appearance and femininity.

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Sat Nov 09 - BBC
Rhino horn is used in traditional Chinese medicine and for ornamental carving, image via Lee Ann Nicholls
Scientists come up with new plan to stop rhino poaching

Scientists are planning to flood the black market with fake rhino horns in order to discourage poaching. They have found a way to mass-produce realistic rhino horns using horsehair for very cheap. These horns are expected to hit the market in 2022 and economists predict that they could drastically lower the price of rhino horns, thus discouraging poachers.

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Sat Nov 09 - Guardian
Netflix has joined forces with other streaming platforms to fight piracy, image via Pixabay
Netflix and other streaming services to crackdown on password sharing

A large number of streaming services have come together to fight the rampant freeriding on their platforms. Insiders have said that there are currently no plans to make moves against individuals but will instead limit the number of devices that can stream from one account. It is currently unclear what other steps these services may take to curb the problem.

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Sat Nov 09 - TheHollywoodReporter
Loki is set to be released in 2021, image via Disney
New Loki Disney+ Series to tie in to Marvel Cinematic Universe show; Doctor Strange 2

Marvel CEO Kevin Feige has announced that the upcoming Disney Plus Marvel shows will tie into the larger cinematic universe. He then went on to specify that the Loki show will tie directly into Doctor Strange 2 and that if fans want to understand every corner of this universe, they will have to get a Disney Plus subscription.

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Sat Nov 09 - TechRadar
Former New York City mayor is ready for presidential race, PHOTO: JOHN LOCHER/ASSOCIATED PRESS
Michael Bloomberg joins presidential race for 2020

Former mayor of New York City and 14th richest person in the world, Michael Rubens Bloomberg expressed his intentions to join the presidential race for 2020 as a democratic party’s nomination. The 77 years old is concerned that current democratic contenders would not pose a strong challenge to Mr. Donald Trump in 2020. On Friday, President Trump taunted Michael Bloomberg when he said that "nobody I'd rather run against than little Michael".

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Sat Nov 09 - BBC
Supreme Court of India delivered ruling of Ayodhya in favor of Hindus via Aabid Shafi and HT
Supreme Court of India delivered ruling of Ayodhya in favor of Hindus

India’s top court delivered a unanimous verdict on one of the most controversial cases of independent India. All five judges agreed to hand over the land to Hindus. Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi further mentioned that Muslims will be given an alternative land for the construction of Mosque. The 2.77 acres of land in the town of Ayodhya has been the most controversial piece of land in India after a group of Hindus demolished the Babri mosque in 1992.

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Sat Nov 09 - Bloomberg
English premier league leaders Liverpool are set to face arch-rivals Manchester City
Liverpool vs Manchester City: European Champions vs English Champions

English premier league leaders Liverpool are set to face arch-rivals Manchester City this Sunday at Anfield. This could be a defining moment in the championship race as both teams are going into the clash on the back of comprehensive victories. European champions Liverpool stands six points ahead of Premier League champions Manchester City. It’ll be a big day for Klopp and Guardiola as both look set to beat each other tactically.

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Fri Nov 08 - BBC
India's economic slowdown will be long lasting
India’s economic surge in real danger

Moody’s, an American credit rating agency released a report on Thursday which shows that India is undergoing a significant economic slowdown. Moody’s changed its outlook on India’s ratings from stable to negative. The rating agency also believes that weak economic policies, struggling financial sector and lack of job creation have contributed a lot in the recent slowdown. India’s net tax collection has hit the lowest level in the past five years, GDP growth currently stands at a six-year low level.

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Fri Nov 08 - CNBC
Most of the Avengers Endgame cast for Oscar consideration. Image via Disney
Disney is submitting the Avengers Endgame cast for Oscar consideration

Disney has confirmed that it has sent in the names of the majority of the Avengers Endgame cast for Oscar consideration. Initially, they were only submitting off-screen roles but are now pushing for the best supporting actor/actress awards as well. The names submitted include Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansen, and ten others.

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Fri Nov 08 - IGN
Star Wars going on hiatus after Rise of Skywalker. Image via Disney
'Rise of Skywalker' to be last Star Wars movie for some time

Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that the Star Wars movies will go into hiatus after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in December. Although there will still be plenty of Star Wars content on TV, the franchise is expected to stay off the big screen for a few years.

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Fri Nov 08 - CNET
Facebook CEO defends political ads on his platform. Image via Pexels
International committee of lawmakers calls for pause on false online political ads

An international grand committee of lawmakers has gathered in Dublin to investigate online disinformation. They will hear from social media platforms as well as experts and have asked for a pause on online political ads that contain false information. Facebook, in particular, has come under fire as the platform does not fact check any ads run by politicians.

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Fri Nov 08 - Reuters
Microsoft's new technology will make quantum computers more practical. Image via Microsoft
Microsoft announces new quantum computer technology

Microsoft has announced that it is redesigning a key component of quantum computer technology, the qubit. Their new design will make these computers far more practical by reducing overhead and requiring significantly fewer components. Their new design is not yet available for real-world testing but looks very promising so far.

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Fri Nov 08 - CNET
The new TP-Link WiFi 6 router. Image via engadget
New WiFi 6 routers offer promising speed test results

New next-gen WiFi routers are already up for sale offering speeds never before available to the average consumer. According to early speed tests, the routers can provide up to 13 times the average speed in the US, so long as the user's devices are WiFi 6 compatible. However, in order to reach such speeds, ISP's will need to provide significantly faster internet connections than the ones that are currently available.

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Fri Nov 08 - CNET
Solar power is the future in Africa
Africa will lead the world's cleanest economic revolution, says report

According to a prediction by the International Energy Agency, Africa is going to experience a boom in solar energy generation. This energy will be used to power the urbanization that is expected to take place on the continent over the course of the next 20 years. Although some fossil fuels will still be required to power heavy industries, new homes are expected to be primarily solar-powered.

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Fri Nov 08 - Guardian
The ice eggs only appear once a year via Risto Mattila
Rare 'ice eggs' appear on beach in Finland

Thousands of 'ice eggs' have appeared on a beach in Finland, a phenomenon that experts claim is extremely rare. The eggs can only form under certain weather conditions and appear just once a year, mainly in autumn. The eggs are very rarely photographed and can be as large as footballs.

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Fri Nov 08 - Guardian
JUUL is now just selling menthol and tobacco flavors. Image via Reuters file
JUUL discontinues mint flavor to discourage teen vaping

JUUL will no longer be selling its popular mint flavor due to research that showed the flavor was the most popular with teens. Rumor has it that JUUL is trying to stay one step ahead of regulators who may be considering an outright ban on vaping. The company has undergone a total makeover in order to avoid controversy and prevent such a ban.

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Fri Nov 08 - Vice
TikTok may be violating user privacy via Getty Images
According to experts, TikTok may be violating user privacy

Chinese owned social media app TikTok has sparked international concern regarding it's handling of user data. Cybersecurity experts and US lawmakers have called for an investigation into the app regarding allegations that it shares its data with the Chinese government. Bytedance, the company that owns the app, has claimed that data about international users is stored separately and not shared with the government but not everyone is convinced.

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Fri Nov 08 - BBC
Indonesia invents a new device to help your curb your internet addiction. Image via
Indonesians found the perfect solution to your internet addiction

A group of students at the University of Indonesia led by inventor Irfan Budi Satria invented "Nettox", a device that can be worn on the wrist and contains a sensor that detects Heart rate variability (HRV) which is said to become lower with prolonged cell phone usage. The device emits a sound to warn the user of low HRV levels, reminding them to put a halt to their cell phone usage.

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Thu Nov 07 - Reuters
Coca Cola is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Image Via Packaging News
Coca Cola's commitment to reducing carbon footprint by recycling plastic bottles

According to its CEO James Quincey, Coca Cola is vowed to collect and recycle plastic bottles rather than switching to aluminum cans in order to mitigate its carbon footprint. This practice has been adopted in wake of the company's competitors such as Pepsi Inc. offering recyclable aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

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Thu Nov 07 - Reuters
Facebook introduces new Preventive Health Tool. Image Via Engadget
Facebook introduces new 'Preventive Health Tool' to offer personalized health reminders

Available now in the United States, Facebook's new tool, Preventive Health, takes a user's age and gender to provide them with a list of recommended screening including heart checkup, flu vaccines, and cancer screenings. The tool further allows users to schedule reminders about screenings and can look up locations for the nearest affordable health care centers.

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Thu Nov 07 - TheVerge