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Movie Still from Ant Man and the Wasp. Image via imdb
Marvel's Ant-Man 3 is expected to shoot by the end of 2020

The latest installment in the Ant-Man series is in the works, with Peyton Reed back to his role as a director, Paul Reed is likely to return to his role as Scott Lang. This movie is part of the post-Avengers Endgame universe which is also set to feature several other films including Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder and many more.

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Thu Nov 07 - TheVerge
Image via Business Insider
Amazon's Pre-Black Friday deals to begin from November 22

Even though we can expect more deals once Black Friday arrives, Amazon will be releasing a list of some discounted device deals before that, beginning on 22nd November. This is the best opportunity to find a tablet, Kindle e-reader, smart security camera, Echo speaker or smart display at lower rates, even at half the actual rates in some cases.

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Thu Nov 07 - TheVerge
Mcdonald's Ex-Ceo Steve Easterbrook poses with the clown. Image via the New york post.
McDonald's fires its own CEO over consensual relationship with an employee

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook has been fired because of a consensual relationship with an employee. This doesn't come as a surprise since many US companies have began prohibiting workplace romances due to issues like sexual misconduct and the influence of power dynamics that exist within these workplaces over such relationships. Easterbrook has now been replaced by Chris Kempczinski.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheNewYorkPost
A color-coded market system at a Sephora Store// Image via Cami William's Twitter Account
Sephora introduces novel Introvert-Friendly strategy for its wallflower customers

Cami Williams tweeted an image of a Sephora shop where a color-coded basket system is used to differentiate customers who would like assistance with shopping from those who wouldn't want assistance. This would be a blessing for introvert makeup-lovers, providing them with an opportunity to cruise through the Sephora outlet without having to interact with anyone. Williams clarified that this program is exclusive to European Union Countries only.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheHuffingtonPost
Keanu Reaves poses with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant at LACMA'19// Image via USA Today
Keanu Reeves' newfound romance leaves fans in awe

The 55-year-old heartthrob, Keanu Reeves made an appearance at the LACMA Film event in Los Angles, officially introducing his girlfriend Alexandra Grant to the world, hence confirming the previous rumors of their relationship. The fans were left in awe, as this was the first time the actor made an explicit declaration of any romantic relationship since his partner Jennifer Syme passed away in 2001.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheNews
Microsoft Japan tries a policy of reduced working days and notices increased productivity among employees. Image via Yahoo News
Microsoft; Reduced working days, Improved Productivity

In order to mitigate the 'culture of overwork' in Japan, Microsoft introduced a "Work-Life Choice Challenge" which required the companies to give an extra day off to its employees every week i.e Friday and encouraged employees to replace conventional meetings altogether with the use of an online messaging app. This plummeted the productivity of employees by 40% while simultaneously reducing the number of hours employees spent at work.

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Wed Nov 06 - CNNBusiness
Netflix release the latest poster for its upcoming latest installment of season 'The Crown' // Image via Daily Mail
Olivia Coleman praised for her 'magnificent' performance in the show; The Crown Season 3

About to premiere on November 17, the third season of 'The Crown' features new cast members such as Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth II, Tobias Menzies as Prince Phillip while Helena Bonham takes over the role of Princess Margaret. The latest season will cover the time span from 1964 to 1977. While the critics are in awe of Coleman's performance, they believe that the other newcomers could do much better.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheDailyMail
A teen dies during an intense gaming session// Image via The Spinoff
An intense gaming session claims the life of a 17-year-old gaming addict

Piyawat Harikun died of a stroke due to playing an all-night, multiplayer game session. His father, Piyawat Harikun learned of his demise as we went to his room in the morning, only to find his body collapsed near his bed. Harikun wants his son's death to be a warning for parents whose children are game addicts and take steps to curb their addiction before it gets too late.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheSun
22 year old John Collins tested positive for a growth hormone. Image via Getty Images
Hawks' John Collins debarred for 25 games

John Collins, Atlanta Hawks forward was tested positive for a growth hormone violating NBA's Anti-Drug Program, making him the third player to be suspended without pay from the team this year. As Collins is guilty of his actions, Hawks President Travis Schlenk agrees to offer him 'full support on and off the court' to help him return to the team.

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Wed Nov 06 - NBA
The disastrous effects of climate change Image via
11,000 scientists declare that the need to address climate change has never been more

A global group of 11,000 scientists claim that the world is faced with a climate change emergency while the governments fail to realize its severity. Satellite data showed October 2019 as the warmest October so far. To mitigate the crisis, they have identified main areas where immediate steps can be taken, namely energy, short-lived pollutants, nature, food, economy, and population.

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Wed Nov 06 - BBCNews
The old facebook logo in comparison with the new one. Image via
Facebook set afloat new branding strategy to distinguish company from apps & website

Facebook introduces a new logo in 'custom typography' and 'rounded corners' to highlight the difference between the company's main website and app of Facebook and other applications that it owns such as Whatsapp and Instagram. According to Facebook's chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio, this is an attempt to better communicate the ownership structure of the company to people.

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Wed Nov 06 - BBCNews
Smart devices vulnerable to hacks
Smart devices can now be hacked through voice assistants

By shining a light on smart devices' microphones, researchers in Japan have found that any voice assistant like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa can be hacked, allowing the hacker complete access to the device. Since microphones respond to light in the same way as they do to sound, it is nearly impossible to get rid of this problem without recreating them from scratch, eventually reminding the users to be more cautious while using these devices.

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Tue Nov 05 - TheNewYorkTimes
NASA is considering whether to send an orbiter to Pluto
The most hotly-contested body of the Solar system to be further explored by NASA

New Horizons mission being a successful achievement by NASA in 2015 has paved paths for further investigation of the dwarf planet, Pluto. The New Horizons mission was able to give a cursory analysis of Pluto and its moons, however, this new mission is to gather further information of Pluto and answer the questions raised by the previous mission. NASA has also funded this orbiter mission study.

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Mon Nov 04 - Digitaltrends
Taurid Meteor Shower to fill sky with 'natural fireworks' on Bonfire Night
'Nature's fireworks' to be hosted by skies on bonfire night

Taurids display was given birth when Comet Encke broke up around 20,000 to 30,000 years ago. This year the Taurid meteor might just put on the best show so far considering the behavior of past Taurid swarms according to NASA. About 5 to 10 shooting stars will surface with peak visibility this year, in the sky, after every hour.

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Mon Nov 04 - Dailymail
PlayStation 5 price leak suggests Sony's 2020 console will be 'affordable'
You'd probably be able to afford PlayStation 5 according to latest price leaks

Sony's all new PlayStation 5 console is set to launch in 2020 but there's already a lot we know about the next generation console thanks to the rumors spreading around. Even though we exactly don'y know how much it's actually gonna cost but according to the leaks, Sony is focusing more on market penetration and market acceptability so the console even though might not be cheap but definitely will be affordable.

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Mon Nov 04 - Mirror
The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will arrive with a hole-punch curved display
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite to land with a dual camera and a hole-punch curved display

The Galaxy S10 Lite is being considered a powerful and compact phone as described by its leaked features. The possible design of this high-end phone includes camera unlike other Galaxy S10 series. Vertical format of the camera makes us reminisce the Galaxy S9’s cameras. Samsung’s patent also unfolds a gently curved screen design that conforms with design of Galaxy S10 Lite.

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Mon Nov 04 - Gizchina
Unconfirmed: 16-Inch MacBook Pro Image Shows Slimmer Bezels, Standalone Touch ID, and Physical Esc Key [Likely Fake]
Slimmer Bezels, Physical Esc key and a Separate Touch ID - new MacBook Pro

MacRumors recently published an image which could be potentially the new rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro. The new design shows three distinct features: Slimmer Bezel designs, a physical Esc key and a separate Touch ID. Though its not confirmed whether it's a legitimate image or not, most of the features are similar to what we've seen in previous leaks.

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Sat Nov 02 - Macrumors
Goldman Sachs to issue $10 billion in credit lines for Apple Card customers
Goldman Sachs to issue $10 billion in credit lines for Apple Card customers

In the recent regulatory fillings from Goldman Sachs, the bank has indicated that it has extended $10 billion in credit lines for the Apple Card customers. According to Bloomberg, "The credit card is part of Goldman’s recent foray to turn its attention to Main Street consumers after more than a century of catering to large corporations and big investors." According to Goldman Sachs CEO, "Apple card is the most successful card ever launch".

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Sat Nov 02 - 9to5mac
New Android vulnerability enables malware transfer (source : Androidpit)
Android phones vulnerable to malware injection

NFC - also known as Near Field Communication - is a feature that lets one android phone to transfer data to another android phone using radio waves. With the new android vulnerability, an attacker can bypass the "Install apps from unknown sources" setting and can transfer a malware which can be installed with just one tap. Google released a patch last month. So either update your software or turn NFC off to keep your device safe.

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Sat Nov 02 - Zdnet
Overwatch 2 with all new Story Mode
Yes "Overwatch 2" is coming and with a Story Mode

The most awaited Overwatch 2 is coming with all new Story Mode. Even though the main focus of the game would be player-vs-player battles but now Overwatch 2 will introduce a player-vs-enemy mode as well. Players would form teams to work against the AI agents to complete different objectives.
The sequel would also be featuring two new characters Sojourn and Echo. However, there are still no details on the release date of Overwatch 2.

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Sat Nov 02 - Vice
Free streaming TV deals from Apple, Disney and NBC
Free streaming TV deals from Apple, Disney and NBC, at least for now

Apple - One year of free AppleTV+ with purchase of iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Tv box ( Regular price: $4.99 / month )
Verizon - One year of free Disney+ for it's wireless and new cable customers ( Regular price: $6.99 / month )
AT&T - Free HBO Max for current regular HBO customers ( Regular price: $14.99 / month )
Comcast - Free Ad-supported Peacock streaming service for everyone

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Sat Nov 02 - Cnbc
NASA spots ghoulish carved out pumpkin screaming into space in spooky image
"Happy Halloween" love, Space.

Spitzer Space Telescope from NASA captured a spooky image of a devilish pumpkin screaming into space right in time for Halloween. This structure has been named as ‘Jack-o’-lantern Nebula”. According to NASA, “A recent study of the region suggests that the powerful outflow of radiation and particles from the star likely swept the surrounding dust and gas outward, creating deep gouges in this cloud, which is known as a nebula".

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Sat Nov 02 - Express
Google Maps Incognito mode starts rolling out for Android users – TechCrunch
Android users about to get Incognito mode for Google Maps

Google is about to officially rollout the most awaited incognito mode for Google Maps for android users. Though first mentioned back in May at Google I/O, it took google about 6 months to officially deliver this new feature. According to Google, android users will get the update within the next few days. One enabled, you can switch the incognito mode from your profile.

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Fri Nov 01 - Techcrunch
Google acquires Fitbit
Google to acquire Fitbit for a whooping $2.1 billion

Google just announced that it's buying the smart wearable devices company Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Rick Osterloh, the Senior Vice president of Devices and Services at google see this as an opportunity for google to improve and invest further in the project "Wear OS", a smart OS for smart watches. Google now got everything it needs to make a large impact in Smart Watch industry.

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Fri Nov 01 - Google
American singer-song writer Carly Simon
Carly Simon mentioning Donald Trump, says he was 'all over me like an ugly ape'

Carly Simon recalls meeting Donald trump while in an interview with The Guardian newspaper. She claims that during her time at luncheon held in New York she met with Donald Trump who she 'thought was king of repulsive'. At first the Trump did not pay any attention towards the singer but later he wanted to meet her anxiously according to the singer-song writer Simon. She was also invited by him to his farmed hotel resort.

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Thu Oct 31 - Canoe