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the new One UI 2 user interface for Samsung users
Samsung announces a new version of user interface, the new One UI 2

The new One UI 2 was revealed by Samsung for a more refined user experience. This interface has its own new features as well as makes the old user interfaces further user friendly. A small trailer describing the new One UI 2 was released by Samsung in San Jose, California at the Samsung Developer Conference. The new features includes slim pop-up notifications size, screen color adjustment settings and Dark mode for applications and UX elements.

user-interface samsung

WhatsApp application on Android Devices
WhatsApp to introduce a new privacy feature on Android devices

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company is finally introducing the fingerprint authentication method on Android in order to protect the privacy of its users. The feature will enable the user to choose the time duration after which the app will lock automatically. It will also provide the Android users with option to hide the message content as well as the name of the sender, however, the user will be able to attend the calls even when the app is locked.

whatsapp biometric-verification privacy

Thu Oct 31 - Dailymail
Amazon invests around 45 billion rupees into one of its fastest growing market

USD 634.20 million was invested into the Indian subsidiaries by It was showed that the money was pumped into the payment, food and retail units, however, the company only vaguely disclosed how and where would the money be used. Battling with the Flipkart which is owned by the founder Jeff Bezos, claimed to spend about more than 5 billion in Indian market knowing its growth value.

india amazon walmart jeff-bezos

Wed Oct 30 - DECCANChronicle
Extraction of oil from oil wells in U.S.
Drop in the crude inventories in U.S. leads to lowering of oil prices

On 31st October, oil prices took a huge blow when the crude inventories of the U.S. showed a significant drop. CMC Markets analyst, Margaret Yang, said "The market has largely ignored the decline in U.S. crude inventories and assumed the demand side will remain weak in the foreseeable future as the global cyclical slowdown deepens". U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude and Brent crude showed a drop of 15 cents and 3 cents a barrel in their prices.

oil-prices trade-war

Wed Oct 30 - CNBC
Chang’e-5 probe for collection of lunar samples
China’s lunar exploration program taking new steps to bring back moon samples

Chief designer of China's lunar exploration program, Wu Weiren, claimed that China is all set to launch its Chang’e-5 probe in the year 2020. This probe will be sent by Long March-5 carrier rocket and will bring lunar samples back to Earth. Orbiting, landing and returning were the three main phases of the lunar exploration program. With the development of Chang'e-5 probe the last phase is expected to be accomplished soon.

lunar-samples rocket china

Wed Oct 30 - TheNation
Image by: Ludovic Marin/AFP/Getty Images
Democrats move closer towards Trump impeachment

Democrats who had wanted to Impeach Trump, or at the very least start an impeachment inquiry, might get what they want, as The first formal vote on the matter will take place on Thursday, in the US house of representatives. The notion is likely to be passed, as the Democrats hold the majority in the house, by having 228 seats of the total 475. The Republicans argue that the impeachment proceeding lacks authorization of a full floor vote.

trump impeachment house-of-representatives

Tue Oct 29 - BBC TRTworld
Nvidia Shield and Nvidia Shield Pro ( via 9to5google )
All new Nvidia Shield can seamlessly upscale ordinary content to 4K using AI

Nvidia launches two new models Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro.
Both base and pro models turn your ordinary content into 4K with stunning results
The cheaper base model comes in the form of a Cylindrical Tube.
Base model comes with 2GB Ram / 8GB Storage and costs $149 while Pro model comes with 3GB Ram / 16GB Storage and costs $200

nvidia nvidia-shield

Tue Oct 29 - 9to5google
Raging fires hit California
Smoke Clouds, High Winds and Blazing Fires in California

The state of California announced itself to be in a state of emergency, as fires spread to more than 34,000 acres in Santa Monica. The local fire department has issued evacuation, instructing residents to leave their homes. The fire has already destroyed homes and vineyards. Patients in hospitals within the area are also being evacuated to other facilities. California Fire spokesperson said that the fire is being fueled by winds and it's becoming difficult for the crews to sustain it

california emergency wildfire

Mon Oct 28 - ABCNews
Pakistan's Own Superheroes
First look at the Pakistani Superhero Series, "Pasbaan Legion"

Umair Najib Khan, a 25 year old visual artist, has released the first glimpse of his comic book series. The series, which revolves around a group of superheroes, will be called 'Pasbaan Legion'. Khan plan to release his book in entirety in December 2019 and for now has only just shown a short trailer introducing the characters. Umair has even begin a fundraiser to back his comic book project.

comicbooks superheroes pasbaan-legion

Mon Oct 28 - Tribune
Abbasi reportedly suffering from deteriorating health
21st Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, suffering health issues

Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who is currently imprisoned for his role in the LPG scandal, is reportedly suffering health issues. The medical board has recommended shifting him to the hospital. It was also suggested that a hernia surgery should be done in order to uplift his health. Abbas also suffers from stones in his bladder and kidney. The court has extended Abbasi's judicial remand till November 19.

abbasi lpg-scandal

Mon Oct 28 - Tribune
A one of a kind delivery
Drone delivery taking steps towards becoming a reality

Google has now initiated drones for delivery. The first drone powered deliveries took place in Christianberg, Washington. These unique delivery machines deliver packages, and once they arrive at their destination, lower them with cables. Other companies such as Amazon, UPS, and UberEats are also working towards such a system.

drones delivery

Mon Oct 28 - Tribune
"We have decided not to grant this request"
Showing support and love towards Kashmir, Pakistan says 'No' to Modi

On October 28 the Indian government required Pakistan's airspace for Prime Minister Modi, as he made his way to Saudia Arabia for an international business conference. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi confirms that the Pakistani government denied permission. The foreign minister said this decision was made in context of India's inhumane treatment of Kashmir.

pakistan india kashmir modi

Mon Oct 28 - DAWN
"Benazir Bhutto is a hero to me"
Mehwish Hayat to play Benazir Bhutto

While in conversation with BBC Urdu, the actress Mehwish Hayat confirmed that she will be playing the role of Benzair Bhutto in a biopic. While there had been several rumors in the past, Hayat has now just confirmed them. She voiced her immense respect and admiration for the deceased political leader and expressed her excitement at getting to play Benazir Bhutto.

mehwish-hayat benazir-bhutto biopic

Mon Oct 28 - DAWN
Renal database a technological milestone
Recently established Pakistan Renal Registry (PRR) to Make Landmark in Health Department

A landmark has been made in the field of Health, as the Pakistan Renal Registry (PRR) was set into effect all over the country. The online database will consist of report and analyses from private and public renal centers. Patients of kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, and renal disease, as well as doctors and researchers in this field are said to greatly benefit from this establishment.

kidney-treatment online-database technology

Mon Oct 28 - DAWN
Crowd of Azaadi March heading toward Islamabad.
'Azadi March', led by JUI-F's chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman sets out for Islamabad on October 27th, Sunday

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl along with other political parties is on their way to Islamabad after finalizing with government the venue of 'Azadi March'. Government agreed not to interfere in the march as long as it is peaceful. The opposition is standing with the government as far as Kashmir issue is concerned but their demands of resignation of PM Imran Khan, fresh fair elections and protection of clauses related to Islam are still there.

azaadimarch elections jui-f

Mon Oct 28 - Dawn
Pakistan Observes Black Day
Rejecting India's illegal occupation of Kashmir, Black Day being observed by Pakistan on October 27th

On Sunday the 27th of October, the nation observed ‘Black Day’ in solidarity of Kashmir and to protest its illegal occupation by India. Prime Minister Imran Khan, addressing the Kashmiri people assured them that, as their spokesperson, he would continue his struggle to ensure they get their rights. “Pakistan stands by you”, stated the Prime Minister defiantly, as he condemned India for its atrocities.

pakistan imran-khan kashmir black-day

Sun Oct 27 - DAWN
US Assistant Secretary of State Alice G. Wells
Held Kashmir still seen as disputed by US Assistant Secretary of State Alice G. Wells

It was informed by Alice G. Wells that America's position is still same on the held Kashmir considering it to be a disputed territory even after the annexation of the occupied lands of Kashmir by India.Upon the first official assessment of the occupied valley by US, it was emphasized that the dialogue between India and Pakistan on the matter at hand continues but according to the assessment it was hindered by the alleged support of Islamabad towards some terrorist groups.

pakistan india held-kashmir america

Wed Oct 23 - Dawn
Facebook to take action against unauthorized pages
Facebook takes sweeping action against Pakistan and India's social media pages

Pakistan's 103 and India's 687 social pages has been sweeped up on Facebok by cybersecurity policy on the basis of their aggressive behaviors. These pages were followed by million of people and were connected with Pakistan ISPR and Indian national congress, IT firm and silver touch. Prime Minister's office and "Social media adviser" has been named as Policy maker they had reached out to.

facebook pakistan india

Tue Oct 22 - Dawn
Airpods 2 - (Source :
“Airpods Pro” coming out in the next few days

• Long awaited Airpods 2 are most likely going to be rebranded as “Airpods pro”.
• The earbuds will have interchangeable tips to create a better 'noise cancellation' effect.
• They're rumored to launch at the Apple event yet to be scheduled later this month.
• Microsoft is also launching its Surface Earbuds in the first quarter of the coming year.

apple airpods-2 airpods-pro surface-earbuds

Mon Oct 21 - Express
Sir Ian Cheshire says that the country should push ahead with Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal (source : Financial Times)
Leading Barclays banker, Sir Ian Cheshire, claims Brexit deal to be "acceptable"

Talking to BBC about Brexit deal, Sir Ian said: "No deal is perfect, but this deal is actually doable," Sir Ian says that business leaders want to see certainty instead of protracted process. However, Mr Johnson's deal was questioned by Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, saying judgment requires observing governments economic impacts. Currency analysts are expecting the next big movement in the UK currency as the Parliament votes on the Brexit deal.

brexit-deal barclays pound-sterling

Mon Oct 21 - BBCNews
Jack Thorne's Grenfell tragedy inspired TV drama, The Accident, raises attention on corporate manslaughter
Revelation of inspiration behind the TV show "The Accident"

One of the most UK in-demand writer, Jack Thorne, explains how his focus for his latest Channel 4 drama, The Accident, shifted from looking at class and restorative justice as the Grenfell tragedy struck. The Accident is being considered as his darkest work so far. The show circles around a Welsh community destroyed by an explosion that happens at a building site causing a factory block to collapse trapping teenagers in it.

jack-thorne grenfell-tower

Mon Oct 21 - BBCNews MetroNews
Kodi Tv ( Source : )
Kodi might be coming to Google Chrome soon

Don't want to spend money on Amazon Fire Stick or Chromecast ? You might not need to do that after some time. In the recent DevCon event, Kodi team talked about their plans of bringing the most downloaded streaming software to web browsers like Google Chrome. Which means that you wont have to install any app to watch Kodi and it would run on essentially any device capable of running a supported browser

kodi google-chrome streaming

Thu Oct 17 - Express
Siraj Raval plagiarize academic paper ( source: )
Siraj Raval loses academic credibility for plagiarizing academic papers

Siraj Raval, a popular tech influencer and a machine learning guru having more than 700k subscribers on youtube, is caught plagiarizing academic papers. His recent paper on quantum qubits has a large chunk copied from a papers written by Texas A&M and MIT researchers. Siraj apologized and said he would slow down and be more thoughtful.

siraj-raval machine-learning plagiarism quantum-computing

Wed Oct 16 - Techgrabyte
Stadia gaming service by google ( source : Forbes )
You probably won't have stadia on its Launch on November 19

Google Stadia - a game streaming service offered by google is the netflix for gaming is launching November 19 but only "If you were one of the first gamers who pre-ordered and have received your Founder’s Editions" according to google. Sadly there is no news for the rest of us who didn't order the bundled Chrome cast + Stadia Controller + 3 months Stadia pro membership

google stadia gaming

Wed Oct 16 - TheNextWeb
Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL ( source : gsmarena )
Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are out

Here's what you need to know quickly

• No more notch. Google removed the ugly notch that we saw in pixel 3 and 3 XL.
• Dual rear Camera. 12-MP telephoto and f/1.7 wide angle
• 90Hz Display. So much smoother gaming performance
• Google brought radar tech to Pixel 4 and 4 XL for secure Face unlock.
• Pixel 4 64GB costs $799 and Pixel 4 XL 64GB costs $899

pixel-4 pixel-4-xl google google-pixel

Tue Oct 15 - CNET