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StableCoin by Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo’s Stablecoin ‘Faster, Cheaper’ Than SWIFT, Says Exec

Banking giant Wells Fargo says its blockchain for internal cross-border money transfers is faster and more efficient than SWIFT, the global messaging system used by over 11,000 financial institutions. She told CoinDesk,
"It’s faster than SWIFT, cheaper and definitely more efficient".
Today, for internal book transfers between branches in different countries, the bank needs to use SWIFT.

stablecoin wells-fargo

Sun Sep 22 - CoinDesk
CipherTrace Scout App Takes Crypto Investigations Mobile

Blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace has developed a mobile tool for flagging bitcoin and ethereum tokens with a criminal past.
New Spin on an Old Service. Federal agencies, police investigators and auditors already use cryptocurrency tracking software for finding crooks.
The Internal Revenue Service contracted crypto transaction tracer Chainalysis from 2015 through at least 2017.

blockchain forensics ciphertrace

Sun Sep 22 - CoinDesk
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go Bringing Giratina Back Next Week

Mewtwo may be leaving Raid Battles in Pokemon Go very soon, but another Legendary is set to return in its place. Giratina, the Legendary Ghost/Dragon Pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, is making an encore appearance in Raids beginning 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on September 23, giving you another chance to add it to your collection.Giratina will appear in five-star Raid Battles until October 17.

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Sun Sep 22 - Gamespot
Agtech advancements
The agtech investment imperative

Can we feed the world without burning it down? The world’s agri-food greenhouse gas footprint has reached unprecedented levels. We simply can’t feed 10 billion people without destroying the planet if our agriculture industry does not dramatically change. A number of key agri-food technology innovations deserve more attention and significantly more funding.


Sun Sep 22 - VentureBeat
Elton john concert remix
Peex let you remix augmented reality sounds at Elton John’s concert

Peex is a United Kingdom tech startup that has invented a concert audio remixing system that lets fans control and customize the audio at live concerts, allowing them to hear the music with close to studio-quality remixed sounds.
John’s final tour before retirement was a great chance to test the Peex technology on the road in America. And it really worked.

elton-john peex

Sun Sep 22 - VentureBeat
Cassini's Sojourn Around Saturn
Space Photos of the Week: Cassini's Sojourn Around Saturn

Launched in 1997, NASA's Cassini mission was designed to orbit Saturn, studying the planet's rings, icy moons, and general composition. Oh, and its largest moon, Titan, turned out to be dotted with lakes of methane and covered in a thick orange haze—yet might nevertheless be habitable. Before it died, it sent back nearly half a million photos of many earthlings' favorite member of the solar system.


Sun Sep 22 - Wired
Kevin Heart about the lawsuit
Kevin Hart Lawsuit Almost Certain in Car Crash

Kevin Hart and the 2 people in his car that crashed Sept. 1 have all lawyered up and everyone's expecting a big lawsuit. The argument is that Kevin should have worried less about keeping the car authentic and more about safety and not doing so constitutes negligence.
This caused a rise in awareness among car companies about installing safety harnesses during classic cars customization.

kevin-hart car-crash

Sun Sep 22 - TMZ
DaBaby at the concert
DaBaby Appears to Throw a Punch at Fan Who Touches His Chain

DaBaby seems to have handled his own business for once instead of resorting to goons -- 'cause he appears to have thrown a punch at a handsy fan.
DB probably had good reason to swat at him though ... looks like the dude got his paws on his chain, and might've even been trying to tug on it and snatch it away.


Sun Sep 22 - TMZ
Ludicrous Tesla
Ludicrous Is The Tesla Book To Beat

There’s no denying that there’s a story to be told about Tesla. That site had tasked him with running their Tesla Death Watch column during the automaker’s earliest years. The book is an account of the establishment of the most successful electric car manufacturer to date, tracing the company from Elon Musk’s entry through the challenges surrounding the launch of Tesla’s Model 3.

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Sun Sep 22 - Jalopnik
Uber suing Newyork city
Uber sues New York City to overturn limits on drivers cruising without passengers

Uber filed a lawsuit against New York City Friday in an effort to overturn rules limiting the amount of time ride-hail drivers can spend in busy parts of the city.
Uber is challenging both rules in this new suit.
Uber is challenging both rules in this new suit. The regulations come on top of new minimum wage rules enacted in February, along with a congestion charge for all for-hire vehicles and yellow taxis.

uber new-york

Sun Sep 22 - TheVerge
Paypal office
PayPal to reinstates pocketing fees from refunds policy

PayPal is reinstating a controversial policy around its handling of fees in the event of a refund. The company initially rolled out this policy back in April, but seller backlash over PayPal claiming the commission fee led it to reverse course. Sellers are again up in arms over the change, with some claiming that it is not in fact the case that the online payment processing industry handles refunds like this.


Sun Sep 22 - TheVerge
Batman with Catwoman
Batman, Catwoman and Gotham City come to Fortnite

It didn't take long to learn just what Epic had in store for Batman's arrival in Fortnite. However, there's also a Catwoman outfit, and Gotham City itself is in the game -- there's an appropriate backdrop for your adventures, including the option to fly like Batman with unlimited re-use of your glider.
Complete challenges until October 1st, meanwhile, and you can earn cosmetics like a Catwing glider and Batman-themed imagery.
This is far from the first major Fortnite tie-in.

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Sun Sep 22 - Engadget
Australia Space Agency
Nasa to get help from Australia to get to Mars and Moon

The Australian government has announced that it's joining forces with NASA and supporting its exploration missions to Mars and the Moon, including the Artemis program. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the country is spending $150 million over five years for the collaboration. It remains to be seen whether Australia's support can help NASA send astronauts to the Moon by 2024.

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Sun Sep 22 - Engadget
The latest fake from Facebook
Sun Sep 22
Facebook office
The latest fake from Facebook

"The board will increase or decrease in size as appropriate", Facebook writes vaguely this week. Even if it were proposing one board member per market of operation that would require a single individual to meaningfully represent the diverse views of an entire country. Which would be ludicrous, as well as risking the usual political divides from styming good faith effort.

zuckerberg facebook

Sun Sep 22 - Techcrunch
Steve Jobs at disney
Disney might have merged with Apple if Steve Jobs were alive: CEO

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger wrote in a Vanity Fair article, "I believe that if Steve [Jobs] were still alive, we would've combined our companies or at least discussed the possibility very seriously." Iger added that the late Apple Co-founder had disclosed his cancer to him and offered a choice to back out of Pixar acquisition. Jobs died in 2011.

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Fri Sep 20 - Engadget
progress charts for current forex economy
Global daily forex trading surges to $6.6 trillion, London biggest hub

Global daily currency turnover jumped to $6.6 trillion in April 2019, up 29% from $5.1 trillion in 2016, the Bank for International Settlements said. London's share of daily volumes rose to 43% from 37%, while the US' share shrank to 17% from 20%. The dollar remained the most dominant currency and was on one side of 88% of all trades.

forex trading london

Thu Sep 19 -
Zuckerberg on the chances of losing CEO position
Facebook to form content Oversight Board that can overrule CEO Mark

Facebook has unveiled its plans to form an independent content Oversight Board comprising 40 people globally. The new rules will let users appeal content decisions directly to the board instead of through Facebook's usual channels. "The board's decision will be binding, even if I or anyone at Facebook disagrees with it," Facebook Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

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Wed Sep 18 -
Tesla owner Elon Musk
Musk to hire a detective to prone the man who sued him over twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that he hired a private investigator for $50,000 to support his claim that British caver Vernon Unsworth was a "pedo guy". "The investigator learned that Mr Unsworth frequented Pattaya Beach [in Thailand] which is well known for prostitution and sex tourism," Musk said in a court filing. Unsworth has sued Musk for defamation.

elon-musk twitter

Wed Sep 18 - LiveMint