Epic Games acquires facial recognition and mapping startup Cubic Motion. Image via Engadget.

Epic Games acquires facial mapping company

Epic Games, the developers of Fornite, which has been the bestselling game in the world for two years, and also the creators of the Unreal Engine, have acquired a UK-based facial recognition and mapping startup called Cubic Motion, in order to be able to capture much more realistic facial animations for their characters. Cubic Motion's technology was previously featured on the popular God of War and Spiderman game series.

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Fri Mar 13 - TechCrunch

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china uk health ban app who disease cyberspace administration coronavirus ndemic-creations pandemic cdc center prevention educational plague-inc

Mon Mar 02 - BBC
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fortnite esports battle-royale competitive fortnite-season-2

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fortnite battle-royale rick-roll

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