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Valve has not made any actual announcements regarding production of the game, image via Valve
Valve shuts down all Left 4 Dead 3 rumors

Speculation was going rampant on the internet after the HTC China president Alvin Wang Graylin teased Left 4 Dead 3 VR in a presentation and then also a tweet. These rumors proved to be untrue after some Valve officials clarified that the company was not working on any Left 4 Dead related projects.

valve zombie first-person-shooter left-4-dead

Sat Jan 18 - PCGamer
The report has not been confirmed as of yet, image via Sony
Horizon Zero Dawn may just make its way to PC

According to a report by Kotaku, Horizon Zero Dawn may be ported over to PC sometime this year. The game is currently just a PS4 exclusive and follows a female protagonist who journies through a post-apocalyptic world while fighting off robot dinosaurs. This may be the first-ever PS4 exclusive made by Sony that will make the jump over to PC.

pc future ps4 robot horizon-zero-dawn apocalypse

Fri Jan 17 - PCGamer
His presidency ends in 2024, image via Reuters
Entire Russian government resigns after Putin suggests new reforms to keep power

The entire Russian government has resigned as President Putin suggested new reforms that would make the Prime Minister much more powerful and would reduce the powers of the President. As Putin's Presidential term ends in 2024, becoming Primeminister with additional powers gives him the option to extend his hold over the country.

government russia president putin dictatorship

Thu Jan 16 - CNN
The game will be an RPG, image via Bandai Namco
'Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot' to release this Friday

Bandai Namco is releasing a new Dragon Ball Z game called 'Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot' this Friday and has also released a new trailer for the game. In contrast with last year's Dragon Ball FighterZ, this game will have a proper RPG progression system and some entirely new fighting, mechanics.

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Thu Jan 16 - PCGamer
The game is set to get a sequel later this year, image via Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile to continue regular expansion schedule despite looming sequel

Path of Exile, a large free to play RPG, will be getting four new giant expansions this year despite the fact that the developers are scheduled to release a sequel later this year. The game generally gets four expansions a year, so it is still on schedule, although it is unclear what these expansions will include.

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Wed Jan 15 - PCGamer
The Playstation 5 will launch later this year, image via The Verge
E3 to go without any official Sony presence for second year in a row

Sony has announced that it will not be participating in this year's E3 despite the fact that they are launching their next-generation console this year. The company said E3's vision does not fit the goals that it has for 2020. Sony, however, aspires to participate in many of consumer events all over the world.

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Tue Jan 14 - PCGamer
Awesome Games Done Quick breaks its own previous record by raising 3.1 million USD this year. Image via Slashgear.
Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning charity raises record $3.1m

The annual Awesome Games Done Quick is a speedrunning charity event, where expert players compete to finish their chosen games as fast as possible to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This year, the event broke last year's record by 700,000 USD, raising a total of almost 3.1 milion USD from more than 54,000 individual donations.

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Mon Jan 13 - PCGamer
The event may come back at the end of the month, image via Gearbox
Borderlands 3's latest event has been delayed due to technical issues

Gearbox has announced that the scaled-down version of the 'Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite' has been delayed due to technical difficulties. The event is meant for four max level players and is essentially an endgame mission. The scaled-down version of the mission will be balanced for smaller party sizes.

first-person-shooter borderlands borderlands-3 moxxi looter-shooter

Mon Jan 13 - PCGamer
Blizzard confirms Diabo 3 is in development, but has no release date yet. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.
Blizzard confirms Diablo 4

Almost 7 years after the release of the third installment in Blizzard's popular Diabo franchise, developers have confirmed Diablo 4 is under development, but fans shouldn't expect to be playing the game soon. The isometric action RPG will feature the return of Mephisto's daughter Lilith, and will be released simultaneously on the PC, Xbox and PS4.

blizzard pc action ps4 development xbox rpg diablo installment isometric mephisto lilith

Sun Jan 12 - TechRadar
GTA 4 no longer available for download on Steam. Image via Steam.
GTA 4 is no longer available on Steam

Rockstar games' fourth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Vice City, seems to no longer be available for download on Steam, though the reason is unclear. GTA Vice City was taken offline for a while in 2012 due to music licensing issues. Its current removal may be linked to Rockstar launching its exclusive gaming platform, and Steam users who already had the game can still download it from Steam.

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Sun Jan 12 - PCGamer
Rockstar could also be making its own store for its games, image via Rockstar
Fans cannot buy GTA 4 on Steam and nobody knows why

Grand Theft Auto 4's Steam page no longer allows users to purchase the game. Rockstar Studios, the developers behind the GTA franchise, has not given any explanation for this and many suspect that this disappearance could be due to licensing issues. GTA Vice City also briefly went down some years ago due to a copyrighted song that featured in the game.

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Sun Jan 12 - PCGamer
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion finally out on PC, but users complain it overwrites their saves. Image via Capcom.
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne out on PC, users complain it deletes saves

The latest expansion for the popular fantasy action adventure game Monster Hunter World, Iceborne, has been made available for PC users after being released for consoles in September. But users are complaining that downloading the game overwrote their old saves, with an error prompting them to start a new game since no compatible saves currently existed on their computers.

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Sat Jan 11 - Gamesradar
The shirts will be available later this month, image via Bungie
Bungie is raising money to help fight fires in Australia by selling Destiny 2 themed T-shirts

Bungie, the incredibly popular game developer behind the Destiny franchise, has announced that they will be selling limited edition Destiny 2 shirts in order to raise money for Australian firefighters. The shirt has not been designed yet but will be revealed and become available for pre-order by January 16th. Half the money will go towards saving wildlife and the other half will go to firefighters.

australia fire merchandise navy government bushfire firefighter destiny bungie shirt

Sat Jan 11 - PCGamer
The game aims to have a higher skill ceiling than most shooters on the market, image via Driven Arts and Graffiti Games
Days of War to come out of early access at end of month despite low player base

Driven Arts and Graffiti Games have announced that their World War 2 based first-person shooter game will come out of early access by the end of the month. Days of War is an online multiplayer game that aims to have a much higher skill ceiling than its competitors. The game has so far been poorly reviewed by critics, especially for having a low player base.

online first-person-shooter multiplayer days-of-war world-war-2

Fri Jan 10 - PCGamer
Valve's Steam survey reports Simplified Chinese is now the language of choice for most users. Image via Steam.
Steam says Chinese is now its popular language

Valve's recently conducted Steam Hardware and Software Survey for December 2019 has revealed that Simplified Chinese is now the most widely used language among users, with 37.8 percent of respondents reporting they used Chinese as a language of choice. However, experts say the methodology used by Steam is not scientific and may lead to biased market estimates.

survey software steam market valve chinese december language hardware simplified choice scientific biased estimates

Thu Jan 09 - PCGamer
Indie developed Chinese game Sands of Salzaar rises to the top on Steam. Image via Steam.
Chinese indie game rises to the top on Steam

A newly released game by Chinese indie developers, called Sands of Salzaar, has soared to number 31 in Steam's most played games within merely weeks of its launch, even though the game is only available in Simplified Chinese. Sands of Salzaar is an open world RPG set in a vast desert, and currently has over 2,600 Mostly Positive reviews on Steam, with 21,000 concurrent players.

steam chinese open-world rpg indie player sands-of-salzaar developer desert mostly-positive concurrent simplified-chinese

Wed Jan 08 - PCGamer
Epic Games to offer Sundered: Eldritch Edition for free from January 9th. Image via Epic Games.
Epic Games to offer free download of Sundered: Eldritch Edition

Epic Games has continued its giveaway of free games into the new year, with the next free game Sundered: Eldritch Edition available for download from January 9th. Made by developer Thunder Lotus, the game features hand-drawn animation and Metroidvania mechanics, giving players the choice to fight for or against Eldritch powers. The game also features a multiplayer co-op supporting up to four players.

animation multiplayer epic-games co-op free download sundered eldritch-edition thunder-lotus hand-drawn metroidvania

Tue Jan 07 - PCGamer
Underlords is still getting mostly positive reviews, image via Valve
Dota Underlords suffers massive dip in player numbers

Valve's new auto-battler, 'Dota Underlords', has suffered from an almost 90% drop in its player count over the last few months. The numbers dropped consistently every month, despite constant updates and positive player reviews. It is possible that this decrease is due to a lack of interest in the genre as a whole.

pc steam valve pc-gaming dota dota-underlords

Tue Jan 07 - PCGamer
CS:GO surpasses Dota 2 in concurrent players, is now the most played game on Steam. Image via Steam.
CS:GO surpasses Dota 2 as most played Steam game

Recent statistics released by Steam reveal that CS:GO has definitively surpassed Dota 2 as Valve's, and Steam's, most played game. In December 2019, CS:GO received a peak of 767,000, while Dota 2 reached 628,000 concurrent players, with similar numbers in the last 4 months. However, League of Legends remains the world's most popular PC game with well over a million concurrent players throughout the year.

pc steam valve league-of-legends game popular counter-strike csgo dota-2 player

Mon Jan 06 - PCGamer
GTA Vice City is one of the most beloved games in the franchise, image via Vice City Remastered
New GTA 5 mod allows players to revisit Vice City with significantly better graphics

A team of very dedicated modders has just released a large almost DLC-Esque mod called Vice City remastered. This mod adds the entire map from the fan-favorite GTA Vice City to GTA 5. Although the mod does not allow players to replay the games iconic missions, it does add a few of its own new missions.

pc console mod gta-5 grand-theft-auto-5 gta-vice-city

Mon Jan 06 - PCGamer
Netflix to release a dubbed version of Yoshiyuki Momose's Ni No Kuni on 16 January. Image via US Gamer.
Ni No Kuni to receive Netflix release in January

Yoshiyuki Momose's Ni No Kuni movie produced by Level-5 is slated for a Netflix release on January 16, and is reportedly a dubbed version. The movie is based on a new story that forms part of the first game, tracing the journey of two characters who undertake a journey into another world to rescue a friend, but discover that the friend's otherworldly counterpart is also in need of help.

release netflix game january ni-no-kuni yoshiyuki-momose dubbed version

Sun Jan 05 - PCGamer
Xbox Game Pass adds top-selling game GTA V to roster. Image via Rockstar Games.
GTA V Xbox Game Pass now available for Xbox One

Developer Rockstar Games' GTA V, even though it was launched in 2013, has maintained its position in the top-selling games list every year due to continuous updates and new content. Now, the game has surprisingly also been made available on Xbox Game Pass, with subscribers getting a 10 percent discount on the the game's Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack or Shark Cash Cards.

update online discount content xbox xbox-one gta-5 xbox-game-pass rockstar-games top-selling

Sun Jan 05 - Gamespot
Most of these adults report playing puzzle or word games, image via Tech Radar
More older Americans playing video games than ever before

According to a new study, there are currently 50.6 million adults over 50 in America who regularly play video games. Most of these people play either on their phone/tablet or computers and largely stick to puzzle or word games. Over a third of these gamers claim they are constantly looking for and trying out new games.

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Sun Jan 05 - PCGamer
Superdata reports Fortnite once again best earning game of the year, gaming industry earnings break records. Image via Shutterstock.
SuperData reports Fortnite once again bestselling game of 2019

According to SuperData's gaming report Year in Review, Epic's Fortnite has again topped the charts as the bestselling game of the year, though the figures are not record-breaking like they were in 2018. Fortnite earned a whopping 1.8 billion USD in 2019, followed by familiar popular gaming titles such as FIFA 19, GTA V and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The gaming industry overall earned a record 120 billion USD.

fortnite fifa billion record epic industry game bestselling superdata year-in-review year call-of-duty modern-warfare gta

Sat Jan 04 - PCGamer
Rune 2 came out in November amidst a large legal conflict, image via Ragnorok
Ragnarok to release a Rune 2 update despite legal dispute

Rune 2 publisher Ragnarok has confirmed that it has finally received the source code for the game from Human Head Studios. This came after a long legal dispute where Ragnarok claimed that it never received the source code from Human Head, who at the time was being bought by Bethesda. This update is a sign that the dispute is ending.

update rpg rune-2 action-game

Sat Jan 04 - PCGamer