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The Witcher 3 is being played by more than 100,000 concurrent players, according to Steam. Image via CD Projekt Red.
The Witcher 3 surpasses 100,000 players on Steam

For the first time since its original release in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was reported by Steam to have surpassed 100,000 concurrent players, which is far greater than the number of concurrent players the game received in the first week of its launch. The sudden upsurge in the game's popularity has been attributed to the massively popular Netflix Witcher show coupled with heavy discounts on Steam.

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Fri Jan 03 - PCGamer
The change in engine may lead to a smoother playing experience, image via GSC Game World
Stalker 2 will use the Unreal Engine to support modding

The original fan-favorite Stalker games are finally getting a sequel with the new game being built entirely on Unreal Engine. The developers have decided not to use the same engine as the original game in order to provide a smoother experience for players as well as modders. The game currently does not have a release date.

first-person-shooter pc-gaming stalker-2 mod game-mod unreal-engine

Fri Jan 03 - PCGamer
Epic Games offers Darksiders games and Steep free on store for today only as last holiday promotion. Image via Epic Games.
Three games free on Epic Games store for today only

As the final promotion in its holiday promotion 12 Days of Free Games, Epic Games has made three titles on its store available for free for today only, two of which belong to the Darksiders series of games offering hack-and-slash action adventure gameplay, the third one being the extreme sports simulator game Steep, released by Ubisoft in 2016.

sports action gameplay epic-games free download holiday promotion darksiders steep ubisot adventure extreme

Thu Jan 02 - Gamespot
The remake does not currently have a release date, image via Square Enix
The Final Fantasy 7 remake opening cinematic has been leaked

It has now been confirmed that Square Enix is working on a Final Fantasy 7 remake as the opening cinematic to the game has been leaked onto Youtube. The cinematic is a frame by frame reproduction of the original but with significantly better animation and effects. Square Enix has not commented on the leak as of yet.

leak playstation remake final-fantasy reboot

Thu Jan 02 - GamesRadar
Leaks report vastly superior graphics capabilities of new Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Image via Slashgear.
Details leaked for PS5 and Xbox Series X graphics

Graphics processing details have reportedly been leaked for Sony's new PS5 and Microsoft's new Xbox Series X family of consoles, with the new Xbox reportedly containing a graphics processor miles ahead of old consoles, capable of up to 12 teraflops. The new PS5's GPU will reportedly be capable of 9.2 teraflops and will operate on GDDR6 memory.

leaks sony microsoft processing xbox series-x ps5 graphics teraflops memory gddr6 gpu

Wed Jan 01 - Gamesradar
These games will take around five minutes to play, image via Meditations
Meditations to give users one tiny free game every day for a year

Indie game developer Meditations has announced that it will be giving users a free game everyday. These games can be accessed from the Meditations launcher and will only take around five minutes to finish. The games will be from no-name indie developers as well as some relatively famous titles.

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Wed Jan 01 - PCGamer
Beat Saber players can now slash their VR swords to Toss a Coin to Your Witcher. Image via Netflix.
Beat Saber adds Toss a Coin to Your Witcher

The catchy song 'Toss a Coin to Your Witcher' was featured in Netflix's The Witcher TV adaptation and has become highly popular since, but has been unavailable for streaming on most major services except the music creators' Soundcloud. Best-selling VR rhythm game Beat Saber recently announced that fans can now download the Toss a Coin to Your Witcher map from the Beat Saver service.

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Tue Dec 31 - PCGamer
Futuristic fantasy indie game Tower of Time is available for free download on GOG. Image via GOG.
GOG is offering indie hit Tower of Time for free today only

The GOG website is offering users a free download of 2018 indie game Tower of Time, which is set in the same vein as the massively popular Divinity games, with players placed in a fantasy world of futuristic magic-infused technology where they can customize many different kinds of characters and classes. The game features real-time combat, and is available for free only until Wednesday.

technology games fantasy dungeons-and-dragons free download indie gog tower-of-time divinity magic futuristic customization characters

Tue Dec 31 - PCGamer
The game is a giant civilization builder, image via Crytivo
God Game The Universim is about to begin beta testing

God Game The Universim is entering its beta testing phase with one final update that will add a number of new more efficient planets. The game aims to provide a full civilization building experience for its players, allowing them to follow a civilization from the neolithic stage to the galaxy exploration stage.

sim universe civilization-building god-game god-game-unversim

Tue Dec 31 - PCGamer
Superhot has become one of the worlds most popular indie games, image via Superhot team
Superhot VR has made a whopping $2 million in just a week

Popular indie game Superhot has recently gotten a VR edition that is currently available for sale on Steam. This version of the game has made over $2 million in just the first week after its release. The game has been widely acclaimed, by both fans and critics, particularly for its innovative mechanics.

gaming vr fps first-person-shooter virtual-reality superhot

Mon Dec 30 - PCGamer
The game revolves around surviving in a hostile environment, image via Creepy Jar
Green Hell to get large co-op expansion as well as bigger shelters

Green Hell, a popular jungle survival simulator, has recently received a giant update. The game will now also feature a co-op mode to go along with its single-player campaign and will also allow players to build shelters that are more than one story high. The game is ranked as one of the best games to be released on Steam in 2019.

update nature video-game jungle-simulator survival-game jungle

Sun Dec 29 - PCGamer
Raspberry Pi ties Commodore 64's decades long record of bestselling computer, with 30 million units sold. Image via The Verge.
Raspberry Pi tied with Commodore 64 for bestselling PC of all time

According to latest statistics announced by Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton on Twitter, the Raspberry Pi Foundation recently sold its 30 millionth unit, tying sales of the endlessly modifiable credit card-sized personal computer with the Commodore 64, which sold from 1982 to 1994 and is known as the best-selling single computer model of all time.

twitter record computer raspberry-pi eben-upton unit commodore-64 bestselling

Sun Dec 29 - PCGamer
Epic Games is offering Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun for free today only. Image via Epic Games.
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is free on Epic Games

Epic Games is offering Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun for free for one day only as part of its holiday promotion 12 Days of Free Games. Shadow Tactics is a top-down stealth game in the vein of the classic stealth games Commandos and Desperados, except it places players in charge of a squad of assassins during the Edo-period in Japan.

japan epic-games free promotion shadow-tactics commandos desperados stealth top-down shogun

Sun Dec 29 - PCGamer
Sony's Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake is now available for pre-order, will be releasing in April 2020. Image via Sony.
Sony releases trailer for Resident Evil 3 remake

At its last State of Play event in 2019, Sony released the trailer for its remake of Capcom's 1999 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, with the game now available for pre-order. The remake is slated for an April 2020 release, and will also feature Sony's asymmetric 1v4 multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance.

sony release trailer capcom resident-evil april multiplayer state-of-play nemesis pre-order asymmetric resistance

Sat Dec 28 - Gamespot
The glove can be used for many things besides gaming, image via Teslasuit
New VR technology will allow players to 'touch' virtual objects

Teslasuit has developed a glove that will be used with virtual reality technology to simulate the sense of touch while the user is in VR. This means the player will be able to 'feel' everything they touch as the glove gives each finger with various kinds of feedback. The glove can be used in gaming as well as in medical rehabilitation.

gaming technology vr virtual-reality teslasuit

Sat Dec 28 - PCGamer
Epic Games is offering popular 2D spaceship platformer Faster Than Light (FTL) for free for today only. Image via Epic Games.
Faster Than Light is available for free on the Epic Games store

For today only, as part of its 12 Days of Free Games holiday giveaway, Epic Games is offering users a free copy of Faster Than Light (FTL), a 2D pixel-art top-down platformer that lets players take control of a spaceship and its squad, escaping a universal threat while battling enemy ships and invasions.

epic-games free download holiday promotion faster-than-light ftl store

Fri Dec 27 - TechRadar
The game will likely be released in 2020, image via Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen gets dramatic new teaser trailer

Cloud Imperium Games has released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming crowdfunded MMO 'Star Citizen' as well as its single-player component 'Squadron 42'. The trailers revealed some new environments as well as ship designs that will feature in the upcoming games. The game has a star-studded voice acting cast and includes performances from the likes of Mark Hamil and Gillian Anderson.

space star-citizen first-person-shooter space-exploration

Thu Dec 26 - PCGamer
The game is a classic style 2D platformer, image via Matt Makes Games
Celeste is free for one full day on the Epic Games Store

Celeste, a classic indie 2D platformer, is currently free on the Epic Games Store. The game was beloved by critics and followed the story of a young girl who struggled against her own demons as she climbs celeste mountain. The game will be replaced tomorrow by a different free game.

pc epic-games-store celeste free-game platformer

Wed Dec 25 - PCGamer
The new operator is Ubisoft's gift to its players, image via Ubisoft
Ubisoft gives free operator to all Rainbow Six Siege players on Christmas

In order to celebrate Christmas, Ubisoft, the game company behind the world-famous 'Rainbow Six Siege', is giving away one random free operator to every person who plays the game on Christmas. The operator will be from any of the expansions between year 1 and year 4 but not the base game.

pc first-person-shooter rainbow-six-siege ps4 xbox ubisoft

Tue Dec 24 - PCGamer
Epic Games is offering Tomorrow Corporation's crafting game satire Little Inferno for free today. Image via PC Gamer.
Epic Games is offering Little Inferno for free today

Epic Games' second addition to its 12 Days of Free Games holiday sale is Little Inferno, a satire of crafting games from indie developers Tomorrow Corporation, who first rose to popularity after releasing the indie hit "World of Goo". The game, originally released in 2012, is free on the Epic Games store for today only.

epic-games free indie little-inferno world-of-goo tomorrow-corporation satire crafting

Mon Dec 23 - PCGamer
Google Stadia introduces achievements for Chrome and Chromecast users, mobile users will have to wait until 2020. Image via Engadget.
Google Stadia adds achievements to platform

Google's recently launched cloud gaming service Stadia now supports achievements for users on the Chrome browser and Chromecast, but mobile users may have to wait until the new year to unlock achievements on the platform. Achievements will also be awarded to players retroactively, so users will not have to restart their games to earn them.

google stadia gaming mobile browser chrome cloud service chromecast achievements platform restart

Mon Dec 23 - Gamespot
Hellblade  will no longer be exclusive to Xbox, image via Microsoft
Hellblade 2 will release on both PC and the next gen Xbox

A Microsoft spokesman has revealed that the next Hellblade game will not be exclusive to the Xbox like the previous entries in the series. Microsoft intends to release it on PC as well as part of its new strategy to treat PC gaming as its domain as well. Hellblade 2 currently has no release date.

pc microsoft xbox hellblade-2 next-gen

Mon Dec 23 - PCGamer
Time-bending first person shooter Superhot is free for today on Epic Games. Image via Epic Games.
Indie hit Superhot is free on Epic Games for one day

As part of Epic Games' holiday promotion 12 Days of Free Games, one popular game on the platform will be available for free each day, with today's pick being the cult hit first person shooter game Superhot. The game's unconventional bullet time mechanics have made it widely popular, with time only moving when the player takes an action.

first-person-shooter time epic-games superhot free download free-games holiday promotion bullet-time indie

Sun Dec 22 - PCGamer
343 intends to release all of the Halo games on PC, image via 343 Industries
343 to begiin testing Halo Combat Evolved on PC in 2020

343 Industries, the company behind the fan-favorite Halo franchise, has said that they will be testing Halo Combat Evolved on PC in January if all goes well. The company made an announcement regarding their progress saying a large chunk of its developers will be focused on making improvements to already released Halo games.

halo master-chief-collection halo-combat-evolved halo-1

Sun Dec 22 - PCGamer
Halo has broken records on Steam, image via Microsoft
Microsoft makes big Halo Infinite reveals

Microsoft is expected to launch Halo infinite with its next-gen console, the Xbox Series X in 2020. They have released a few cinematic trailers for the game but have not shown off any actual gameplay yet. They have said that the story will have a larger focus on Master Chief. The game will come out on both PC and Xbox.

pc halo steam halo-infinite bungie halo-6 xbox-one

Sat Dec 21 - Gamespot