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Ben & Jerry's has been accused of violating their customers trust, image via Getty Images
Ben & Jerry's is being sued by environmental activist due to 'happy cows' claim

Ben & Jerry’s is being sued by an environmental advocate over their claim that their ice cream is made exclusively from milk that comes from 'happy cows'. The advocate has said that more than half of Ben & Jerry’s milk comes from factory style mass production dairy farms. He went on to say that the company is deceiving its customers with this claim.

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Sun Nov 10 - Reuters
The Chicago public library, image via Getty Images
Book returns soar after Chicago eliminates overdue fines

According to a local library official, the Chicago Public Library has seen a 240% increase in book returns after they eliminated overdue fines. This decision has also brought in a large number of patrons, many of whom had not returned their books in order to avoid these fines. Chicago is the first major city in the US to eliminate overdue fines.

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Sun Nov 10 - ABCNews
Some Japanese businesses said glasses-wearing shop assistants gave a "cold impression", image via Getty Images
Japanese firms ban female employees from wearing glasses

A number of businesses in Japan have banned their female employees from wearing glasses. This has caused a large amount of controversy on social media and has led to discussions regarding the sexist dress code policies that exist in the country. Many are complaining that these companies only value women for their appearance and femininity.

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Sat Nov 09 - BBC
India's economic slowdown will be long lasting
India’s economic surge in real danger

Moody’s, an American credit rating agency released a report on Thursday which shows that India is undergoing a significant economic slowdown. Moody’s changed its outlook on India’s ratings from stable to negative. The rating agency also believes that weak economic policies, struggling financial sector and lack of job creation have contributed a lot in the recent slowdown. India’s net tax collection has hit the lowest level in the past five years, GDP growth currently stands at a six-year low level.

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Fri Nov 08 - CNBC
JUUL is now just selling menthol and tobacco flavors. Image via Reuters file
JUUL discontinues mint flavor to discourage teen vaping

JUUL will no longer be selling its popular mint flavor due to research that showed the flavor was the most popular with teens. Rumor has it that JUUL is trying to stay one step ahead of regulators who may be considering an outright ban on vaping. The company has undergone a total makeover in order to avoid controversy and prevent such a ban.

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Fri Nov 08 - Vice
Coca Cola is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Image Via Packaging News
Coca Cola's commitment to reducing carbon footprint by recycling plastic bottles

According to its CEO James Quincey, Coca Cola is vowed to collect and recycle plastic bottles rather than switching to aluminum cans in order to mitigate its carbon footprint. This practice has been adopted in wake of the company's competitors such as Pepsi Inc. offering recyclable aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

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Thu Nov 07 - Reuters
Image via Business Insider
Amazon's Pre-Black Friday deals to begin from November 22

Even though we can expect more deals once Black Friday arrives, Amazon will be releasing a list of some discounted device deals before that, beginning on 22nd November. This is the best opportunity to find a tablet, Kindle e-reader, smart security camera, Echo speaker or smart display at lower rates, even at half the actual rates in some cases.

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Thu Nov 07 - TheVerge
Mcdonald's Ex-Ceo Steve Easterbrook poses with the clown. Image via the New york post.
McDonald's fires its own CEO over consensual relationship with an employee

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook has been fired because of a consensual relationship with an employee. This doesn't come as a surprise since many US companies have began prohibiting workplace romances due to issues like sexual misconduct and the influence of power dynamics that exist within these workplaces over such relationships. Easterbrook has now been replaced by Chris Kempczinski.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheNewYorkPost
A color-coded market system at a Sephora Store// Image via Cami William's Twitter Account
Sephora introduces novel Introvert-Friendly strategy for its wallflower customers

Cami Williams tweeted an image of a Sephora shop where a color-coded basket system is used to differentiate customers who would like assistance with shopping from those who wouldn't want assistance. This would be a blessing for introvert makeup-lovers, providing them with an opportunity to cruise through the Sephora outlet without having to interact with anyone. Williams clarified that this program is exclusive to European Union Countries only.

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Wed Nov 06 - TheHuffingtonPost
The old facebook logo in comparison with the new one. Image via
Facebook set afloat new branding strategy to distinguish company from apps & website

Facebook introduces a new logo in 'custom typography' and 'rounded corners' to highlight the difference between the company's main website and app of Facebook and other applications that it owns such as Whatsapp and Instagram. According to Facebook's chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio, this is an attempt to better communicate the ownership structure of the company to people.

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Wed Nov 06 - BBCNews
Goldman Sachs to issue $10 billion in credit lines for Apple Card customers
Goldman Sachs to issue $10 billion in credit lines for Apple Card customers

In the recent regulatory fillings from Goldman Sachs, the bank has indicated that it has extended $10 billion in credit lines for the Apple Card customers. According to Bloomberg, "The credit card is part of Goldman’s recent foray to turn its attention to Main Street consumers after more than a century of catering to large corporations and big investors." According to Goldman Sachs CEO, "Apple card is the most successful card ever launch".

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Sat Nov 02 - 9to5mac
Amazon invests around 45 billion rupees into one of its fastest growing market

USD 634.20 million was invested into the Indian subsidiaries by It was showed that the money was pumped into the payment, food and retail units, however, the company only vaguely disclosed how and where would the money be used. Battling with the Flipkart which is owned by the founder Jeff Bezos, claimed to spend about more than 5 billion in Indian market knowing its growth value.

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Wed Oct 30 - DECCANChronicle
Extraction of oil from oil wells in U.S.
Drop in the crude inventories in U.S. leads to lowering of oil prices

On 31st October, oil prices took a huge blow when the crude inventories of the U.S. showed a significant drop. CMC Markets analyst, Margaret Yang, said "The market has largely ignored the decline in U.S. crude inventories and assumed the demand side will remain weak in the foreseeable future as the global cyclical slowdown deepens". U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude and Brent crude showed a drop of 15 cents and 3 cents a barrel in their prices.

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Wed Oct 30 - CNBC
Sir Ian Cheshire says that the country should push ahead with Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal (source : Financial Times)
Leading Barclays banker, Sir Ian Cheshire, claims Brexit deal to be "acceptable"

Talking to BBC about Brexit deal, Sir Ian said: "No deal is perfect, but this deal is actually doable," Sir Ian says that business leaders want to see certainty instead of protracted process. However, Mr Johnson's deal was questioned by Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, saying judgment requires observing governments economic impacts. Currency analysts are expecting the next big movement in the UK currency as the Parliament votes on the Brexit deal.

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Mon Oct 21 - BBCNews
StableCoin by Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo’s Stablecoin ‘Faster, Cheaper’ Than SWIFT, Says Exec

Banking giant Wells Fargo says its blockchain for internal cross-border money transfers is faster and more efficient than SWIFT, the global messaging system used by over 11,000 financial institutions. She told CoinDesk,
"It’s faster than SWIFT, cheaper and definitely more efficient".
Today, for internal book transfers between branches in different countries, the bank needs to use SWIFT.

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Sun Sep 22 - CoinDesk
CipherTrace Scout App Takes Crypto Investigations Mobile

Blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace has developed a mobile tool for flagging bitcoin and ethereum tokens with a criminal past.
New Spin on an Old Service. Federal agencies, police investigators and auditors already use cryptocurrency tracking software for finding crooks.
The Internal Revenue Service contracted crypto transaction tracer Chainalysis from 2015 through at least 2017.

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Sun Sep 22 - CoinDesk
Agtech advancements
The agtech investment imperative

Can we feed the world without burning it down? The world’s agri-food greenhouse gas footprint has reached unprecedented levels. We simply can’t feed 10 billion people without destroying the planet if our agriculture industry does not dramatically change. A number of key agri-food technology innovations deserve more attention and significantly more funding.


Sun Sep 22 - VentureBeat
Uber suing Newyork city
Uber sues New York City to overturn limits on drivers cruising without passengers

Uber filed a lawsuit against New York City Friday in an effort to overturn rules limiting the amount of time ride-hail drivers can spend in busy parts of the city.
Uber is challenging both rules in this new suit.
Uber is challenging both rules in this new suit. The regulations come on top of new minimum wage rules enacted in February, along with a congestion charge for all for-hire vehicles and yellow taxis.

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Sun Sep 22 - TheVerge
Steve Jobs at disney
Disney might have merged with Apple if Steve Jobs were alive: CEO

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger wrote in a Vanity Fair article, "I believe that if Steve [Jobs] were still alive, we would've combined our companies or at least discussed the possibility very seriously." Iger added that the late Apple Co-founder had disclosed his cancer to him and offered a choice to back out of Pixar acquisition. Jobs died in 2011.

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Fri Sep 20 - Engadget
progress charts for current forex economy
Global daily forex trading surges to $6.6 trillion, London biggest hub

Global daily currency turnover jumped to $6.6 trillion in April 2019, up 29% from $5.1 trillion in 2016, the Bank for International Settlements said. London's share of daily volumes rose to 43% from 37%, while the US' share shrank to 17% from 20%. The dollar remained the most dominant currency and was on one side of 88% of all trades.

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Thu Sep 19 -