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Trump earlier said he will open the country as soon as possible, image via Getty Images
The US government extends social distancing restrictions

Despite US President Trump's earlier statements, the government has extended its social distancing rules to April 30th. He has also said that they will reveal more information regarding the government's plan to deal with the virus on Tuesday. Trump has said that by June 1st the situation will likely become much better and the country will open up again.

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Mon Mar 30 - TechCrunch
The lockdown has caused an economic crisis across the country, image via Getty Images
Indian Prime Minister asks the poor for forgiveness

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has publicly asked the poor people of India for forgiveness as his nationwide lockdown continues. Many are criticizing the government for not planning enough for the lockdown as a large number of jobless or migrant workers are unable to support themselves. The government has announced a $22.6 billion economic stimulus plan, but many claims it will not be enough.

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Mon Mar 30 - Reuters
They are carrying out 10,000 tests a day, image via Getty Images
UK lockdown could last for months

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the coronavirus crisis in the country is going to get worse before it gets better and a senior official has said that the lockdown could last for months. The government will gradually lift restrictions as time goes on but this won't happen for some time.

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Mon Mar 30 - Reuters
Ex-Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn dead at 72 due to prostate cancer. Image via New York Post.
Ex-Senator Tom Coburn dead at 72

Ex-Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, known for his fierce opposition to any proposition of government spending and nicknamed Dr. No, has died at the age of 72 due to prostate cancer. Coburn, originally a physician and Sunday school teacher, served in Congress for two decades, first as a House representative and then as Senator during the Bush and Obama administrations.

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Sun Mar 29 - NPR
He has received the highest civilian honor in America, image via Getty Images
Key civil rights leader Joseph Lowery passes away

Joseph Lowery, an important ally of Martin Luthor King during the 1960's American civil rights movement, has unfortunately passed away at the age of 98. He worked for racial equality well into his nineties and died surrounded by his family. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

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Sat Mar 28 - Reuters
This change was made without warning, image via Getty Images
China shuts down cinemas across the country once again

The Chinese government has announced that all cinemas across the nation must be shut down once again as it continues to battle against the coronavirus. Cinemas were initially supposed to reopen this weekend and some regions had already begun screening movies again. This is a major change in policy from the government.

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Sat Mar 28 - Deadline
He made the announcement on State TV, image via Getty Images
Iran's healthcare system is strong enough, says Government

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has recently announced that the country's healthcare system is very strong and that the country is ready to face an escalation in the coronavirus pandemic. Iran is one of the countries most severely affected by the virus, with a death toll of 2,378 and 32,332 confirmed infections.

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Sat Mar 28 - Reuters
UK PM Boris Johnson diagnosed with coronavirus. Image via Variety.
UK PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

UK's Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced via a Twitter post that he developed mild coronavirus-related symptoms last night, and subsequently has tested positive for the COVID-19 infection. Johnson further stated that he would be maintaining self-isolation for the foreseeable future at his home in Downing Street, but would continue to lead the country through video-conference.

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Fri Mar 27 - TheGuardian
China will be ending the local lockdown soon, image via Getty Images
China closes borders for all foreign visitors as imported coronavirus cases rise

China has temporarily barred all foreign visitors from entering the country, even if they have visas or residence permits. They are making this decision in response to the increase in imported coronavirus cases and the lack of local transmissions of the virus. The government has managed to control the virus within its own borders.

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Fri Mar 27 - BBC
The US will likely become the new epicenter for the virus, image via Getty Images
China's Xi Jinping offers America help in dealing with the coronavirus

China's President XI Jinping spoke to Donald Trump over the phone on Friday, telling him that he would have China's support in America's fight against the deadly coronavirus. The US now has the most coronavirus cases in the world and the virus is showing no signs of slowing down. Trump has said that both countries are now working together.

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Fri Mar 27 - Reuters
If the UN aid plan works, it could save millions of lives, image via Getty Images
UN announces new global aid plan as virus threatens 'all of humanity'

The United Nations has announced that poorer countries will need $2 billion of humanitarian aid to adequately fight the coronavirus. UN chief Antonio Guterres has said that the virus has threatened all of humanity and that everyone must fight back. The UN has called for more global cooperation in curbing the virus.

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Thu Mar 26 - Aljazeera
India has tested 24,254 people so far, image via Getty Images
India's coronavirus cases increase despite massive lockdown

The number of cases of the coronavirus in India has risen to 649 despite the government's country-wide lockdown. People are still leaving their houses in large numbers in order to buy essentials as supply slows down across the country. The government has also recently authorized the private sector to begin research and testing regarding the virus.

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Thu Mar 26 - Reuters
He also mentioned that the world should take stock as to how this virus spread so fast once the crisis ends, image via The Times
US ambassador to London blames China for global coronavirus pandemic

The US Ambassador to London, Woody Johnson, has said that China is responsible for the spread of the coronavirus across the planet. He said that the government did not do the right thing at the right time and tried to suppress all news about the virus when it first appeared.

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Thu Mar 26 - Reuters
The government expects there to be significant damage to the economy, image via Getty Images
Japan is on the brink of a coronavirus outbreak but has not declared a state of emergency

The Japanese government has warned that there is a high risk of the coronavirus spreading across the country but has not declared a state of emergency as of yet. The government is currently creating a task force to deal with the potential crisis. The country currently has 1,314 cases of the virus.

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Thu Mar 26 - Reuters
Finnish ex-President Martti Ahtisaari tests positive for coronavirus. Image via Foreigner.
ex-Finnish President Ahtisaari tests positive for coronavirus

Finland's ex-President Martti Ahtisaari, now 82 years old, who served as President from 1994 to 2000 and won the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize for his eminent contributions to peace mediation, has tested positive for the COVID-19 infection. Ahtisaari's office has stated that he remains in good health, while Finland has until now recorded 700 coronavirus cases and 1 death during the outbreak.

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Wed Mar 25 - Reuters
This is one of the largest stimulus packages any government has given out so far, image via Getty Images
US government decides on $2 trillion stimulus package to help economy recover from coronavirus crisis

The US Senate and the White House have agreed on a $2 trillion stimulus package to help the economy deal with the coronavirus crisis and lockdown. The deal took five days of negotiations between both parties although it still has to go through the Senate and House of Representatives before it is passed.

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Wed Mar 25 - TechCrunch
18 other people have been accused of actually killing Khashoggi, image via Getty Images
Turkish prosecutors indict 20 suspects for Khashoggi killing

Prosecutors in Istanbul have said that they have prepared an indictment against 20 suspects in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The indictment accuses the head of Saudi Arabia's general intelligence and a top advisor to the royal family of masterminding the murder.

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Wed Mar 25 - Reuters
The state is assisting some of these migrants reach their home countries, image via Getty Images
Migrant workers living in Thailand flee as country imposes lockdown

The Thai government has announced that the country will be experiencing a complete lockdown starting this weekend, causing 60,000 migrant workers to flee the country. The workers are trying desperately to return home before the borders are shut down and many have already left. A large number of people in Thailand have lost their jobs due to the crisis.

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Wed Mar 25 - Reuters
He said companies should not even expect tax leniency, image via Getty Images
Mexican government promises to help poor instead of big companies during the crisis

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has said that the government will be focusing on helping the poor instead of bailing out giant companies during the coronavirus crisis. The virus is expected to cause a global recession but the government has said that they have enough public finances to support the people.

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Tue Mar 24 - Reuters
Italy's economy is in tatters, image via Getty Images
Italy may have ten times the current number of coronavirus cases

According to those in charge of collecting coronavirus data, Italy probably has ten times more coronavirus cases than the reported 64,000. Since testing can only take place at hospitals or labs, a large number of cases have likely gone undetected. The country is seriously short on both masks and ventilators.

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Tue Mar 24 - Reuters
The meeting will likely take place over video conference, image via Getty Images
G20 world leaders to discuss coronavirus

Leaders of the G20 countries will discuss the coronavirus crisis and create a plan to deal with its aftermath. The World Bank has predicted that the virus will cause a global recession and that countries need to use monetary and fiscal policies to promote growth. A number of G20 countries are currently in economic conflicts with each other.

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Tue Mar 24 - Reuters
The supply of protective equipment is increasing, image via Getty Images
Britain calls in the military to help deal with coronavirus crisis

Britain has tasked the military with delivering proper health kits to health workers across the country. Doctors had previously been complaining about how unequipped hospitals were for dealing with this kind of crisis. Kits that were being kept in the national stockpile have now been released for use in these hospitals

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Mon Mar 23 - Reuters
They discussed the technical steps needed to release the prisoners, image via CGTN
Taliban and the Afghan government had a Skype call to continue the peace process

The Afghan government and the Taliban recently had a virtual meeting to discuss the release of prisoners being held by the government. The meeting has raised hope that peace in the region may be drawing closer. The Taliban had previously refused to speak to the government until the prisoners were all released.

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Mon Mar 23 - Reuters
Weinstein was hospitalized earlier for chest pains, image via Getty Images
Harvey Weinstein tests positive for coronavirus despite being in prison

Convicted rapist and ex-Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is one of two prisoners who has tested positive for the coronavirus in New York's correctional facility. Officials claim Weinstein was probably carrying the virus when he was transferred there from Rikers. He is currently in isolation in a maximum-security prison in New York.

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Mon Mar 23 - VanityFair
North Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un claims Trump has praised his coronavirus relief efforts in a letter. Image via SCMP.
Kim Jong Un claims Trump has praised his coronavirus relief efforts

North Korea's leader Chairman Kim Jong Un has claimed that he has received a letter from US President Donald Trump praising his efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. The country's state media KCNA revealed the contents of the letter on national television, with the Trump administration later confirming that the President did send such a letter to Jong Un.

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Sun Mar 22 - Reuters